Why paying for support by the ounce is bad for your business


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If you’ve been in the market for a self-service beer system, you might have come across the concept of ‘pay by the ounce support.’ It sounds like a good concept, coined by phrases such as “You only pay support for the amount you pour” and “We have a vested interest in keeping your beer pouring because we only get paid when you sell beer.”

However, take a moment to consider the implications of having to pay a cent per ounce for every drop of beer poured – 16c out of your margin just for selling a glass of beer.

You don’t want another partner in your business

That’s right – when you pay for support by the ounce, you are paying a percentage of your turnover to a supplier who has now become a partner in your business. You wouldn’t give an equipment supplier shares in your company, so why would you agree to hand over a slice of your turnover? The harder you work and the more beer you sell, the more money your new ‘partner’ makes from your success.

Let’s look at a real life example. A customer with a 20 tap beer wall:

  • 20 Tap Beer Wall
  • Total system cost $20,685
  • Average sales of 6 beers per day per tap

If this customer was paying by the ounce for support, they would have paid $7,008 per year in support fees. Over a 5 year period, that is $35,040 in self-serve beer support fees.

You read that correct! The customer could have bought another 30 tap system with the money he would have paid over in pay-by-the-ounce support fees.

That’s crazy! But how much does Drink Command’s support cost?

We have two options for support, neither of which are pay-by-the-ounce.

Firstly, you can choose our free option, which includes free lifetime support and never any ongoing charges.

Alternatively, we offer a Gold Support option which in the example above would cost $1,035 per year and includes 24/7 telephone support, all software upgrades, online management features, our EPOS API, proactive monitoring and alerts, plus more. Remember that this customer could have poured twice, or ten times as much beer and our Gold Support package remains at the same rate!

We believe that you should not be penalized for your successes with your self-service beer taps, which is why we do not charge you by the ounce. We also believe in our technology so much that we offer free lifetime support, meaning you can keep all the profits in your own business, rather than rewarding your equipment ‘partner’.

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