BLOG December 4, 2023

Sip, Serve, Connect: Unveiling the Drink Concierge Experience for Elevated Guest Connections!

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Welcome back! Thanks again for joining us in another segment of Drink Command’s informational newsletters, designed to educate and inspire hospitality operators of all types across multiple industries. As always, if you’ve missed a previous segment, or are new to the field, you can find them in our blog archive.

In this issue, we’re uncorking the potential of self-pour beverage walls – a trend that’s reshaping the way we enjoy our favorite drinks – by introducing the Drink Concierge. Join us as we explore how this implementation is transforming venues and enhancing customer experiences.

In this age of automation, the human touch remains invaluable. Introducing the “Drink Concierge,” your friendly guide to navigating the world of self-pour beverage walls. This expert not only ensures that IDs are checked and consumption stays within safe limits but also serves as an ambassador of taste, helping patrons explore the wide array of beverages on tap.

The role of the Drink Concierge extends beyond mere service – it’s about making genuine connections. By offering insights into each beverage’s unique flavor profile and origin, the concierge transforms a routine drink into a sensory journey. Paired with Drink Command’s ability to pay by the ounce, which means your guests trying different beverages a breeze even on busy nights, these interactions eliminate any uncertainty and create a seamless, enjoyable experience for every guest.

With existing staff freed from the monotony of pouring routine beverages, they can now focus on creating exquisite cocktails and exclusive mixes that can’t be accessed through the self-serve system.

By offering insights into each beverage's unique flavor profile and origin, the concierge transforms a routine drink into a sensory journey

Self-serve technology allows guests to sidestep the wait and dive right into their drink of choice and the Drink Concierge helps guide guests for a seamless experience. This innovative approach not only boosts sales but also amplifies customer satisfaction, proving that a satisfied customer is indeed a loyal one.

As we raise our glasses to innovation, it’s clear that self-pour beverage walls are here to stay. They’ve redefined how we savor our favorite drinks and reshaped the dynamics of hospitality. If you ever find yourself in the market for a self-pour system, remember to implement a Drink Concierge with a friendly smile, ready to guide your guest through an unforgettable tasting adventure.

Tap wall installed in a minnesota arena

Join us next time as we explore more exciting trends, industry tricks, and secrets in the ever-evolving world of self-serve technology. Until then, keep pouring, sipping, and savoring! – as always, don’t forget to contact Drink Command, the leader of self-serve technology to get a quote for your customized self-pour system.

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