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Serve Responsibly: Mastering Volume and Per Serving Limitation with Drink Command

photo of a person pouring their own beer with the text responsible sips with Drink Command

Welcome back to another edition of our informative series where you can learn more about the advances and advantages the self-serve industry can bring to your business- courtesy of Drink Command. As always, if you’ve missed any of our previous installments, you can find them in our blog archive.

As a self-serve technology company built by food and beverage operators, we make it our goal to adhere to the utmost standard of compliance and safety measures. We understand the importance of utilizing technology in a safe and compliant manner that allows the guests and operator to enjoy their experience knowing that they are in good hands! Drink Command utilizes 2 core software features to achieve this goal: Volume Limitations and Per-Serving Limitations.

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The foremost responsibility of an operator is to prioritize the enjoyment and safety of guests. This entails ensuring that guests do not consume alcohol excessively. Setting volume and per-serving limitations in a self-serve system allows the operators to set specific thresholds to prevent guests from consuming too much alcohol in a short period of time leading to safety risks. This keeps guests safe and keeps the operator in compliance with applicable governing bodies and regulations from presiding alcohol authorities.

If the guest has reached their maximum capacity for that period of time, the Drink Command screen will show them they have reached their limit and they will have to wait to pour their next beverage.

Drink Command’s volume and per-serving limitations allow the operator to set custom limits for consumption allowance ensuring that even if the operator isn’t at the self-pour station 100% of the time, the guests still will not be able to over-serve themselves.

One of our responsible drinking features that helps operators regulate excessive drinking is volume limitations. This feature allows operators to set different volume limits for each beverage based on its alcohol content. For example, an operator may be serving multiple types of beers including an IPA, a light lager, and a stout which may all have different ABV levels leading to a different volume limitation the operator may want to set to maintain compliance and safety with their guest population.

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Additionally, an operator may be serving an 8 oz cocktail and a 16oz beer which may vary drastically in ABV. For volume limitations, the operator can set different limitations per tap where different types of beverages are being poured so guests don’t exceed drinking regulations while maintaining a positive guest experience when serving themselves.

Another feature of our self-serve system is per serving limitations, which allows operators to set a maximum amount of servings that a guest can pour. For example, an operator can pre-emptively set a maximum of 2 fixed measure pours per guest. This means each person can only purchase 2 drinks with each form of payment, unless overridden by a staff member. For per serving limitations, the operator can set a limitation per person/form of payment to aid in monitoring drinking levels.

per serving gif

In each scenario if the guest has reached their maximum capacity for that period of time, the Drink Command screen will show them they have reached their limit and they will have to wait to pour their next beverage.

man pouring himself a beer from a self pour tap wall

As a self-serve technology platform, it is our responsibility to empower operators with as many tools as possible to elevate their guest’s experience and include helpful benefits, such as, features that keep guest experiences safe and compliant. Lastly, as an operator, you can rest assured that we at Drink Command do not take safety and compliance adherence lightly! Your success is our success.

These 2 features are just scratching the surface of the safety and compliance features of our self-serve technology. Stay tuned to learn more about our Socially Responsible Drinking Features in our next editions of the Newsletter where we will be discussing Daily Volume Allowances! We have big things coming!

If any of you have experienced Drink Command’s self-serve technology, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! We are constantly looking for ways to improve our system, especially through inclusion of more safety and compliance features.

If you have any questions or would like more information on Drink Command, please reach out to [email protected] or give us a call at (424) 297-0298. Please visit us at and fill out a quote request form now!


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