BLOG June 19, 2023

Pique Customer Interest with Unique Drink Command Installations!

person at a tap wall pouring a beer with the words "find the inspiration for your own tap wall installation"

Welcome back! Continuing with our previous discussions of the personalization options available with Drink Command’s technology platform, today we’re going to be showcasing some of our installations throughout the world. From restaurant owners to large venue teams, operators have created tap walls that not only reflect their brand identity but also pique guest interest. For some of the ways that operators can personalize their Drink Command installations, read our blog to get caught up!

tap wall installation at oche restaurant. single tap placed underneath the stairs.

At Oche in London, guests can enjoy a game of darts and food in a gorgeous environment that reflects a forest-style atmosphere. Nestled in a little area under the stairs, a miniature tap wall welcomes thirsty guests. By taking advantage of potentially wasted space, not only does Oche provide a useful resource for guests, it also boosts efficiency and reduces staff overhead.

Guinness self pour tap wall at escape to freight island - temporary install

Escape to Freight Island may sound like the name of a thriller, but it’s actually a relaxing open-air food hall in Manchester. While showcasing immersive entertainment and special events, guests can experience the pleasure of pouring their own beers. And with Drink Command’s System, operators can relax knowing that every drink poured is accurate and recorded.

converted wooden shipping container with a 3 screen 6 tap drink command system

When is a shipping container not a shipping container? When it’s a Drink Command Tap Wall in Twickenham Stadium! In a gorgeous display of upcycling, a shipping container has been converted into a tap wall serving Guinness draught. With a natural wood finish and cashless payment system, it’s the perfect blend of classic and modern.

From cafes to stadiums, every single Drink Command installation is powered by the same proprietary technology platform. Operators can depend on our industry-leading reliability in virtually any situation, whether it’s a dinner rush or a pre-concert crush. Got a streak of inspiration? Give us a call and let us bring your idea into reality!


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