BLOG May 19, 2023

Keep Guests Happy And The Registers Ringing With Drink Command!

Thanks for joining us for another installment in our ongoing series about the Drink Command Platform, bringing you the latest in cutting edge technological advantages in the beverage field. In case you’ve missed any of our previous dispatches, you can read them in our archive.

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Today we’re going to look at ways Drink Command increases throughput in the service industry, which is particularly important for bars and restaurants. In these food and beverage service scenarios, attendance is concentrated around certain times of day associated with eating and drinking.  

During these rushes, sales can be lost due to customer attrition or inability to adequately capture sales.

For example, customers with time constraints (on a lunch break, stopping in before a movie) will often avoid businesses when confronted with excessively long lines. Other causes could include a lack of specialized labor, such as bartenders during a day shift. The result? A loss of revenue for the venue operator and a reduction in overall margins, hampering profitability. Over time, this can mean the difference between a flourishing business and a shuttered one. How can an operator in an industry renowned for extremely tight margins solve this issue? Drink Command can help!

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Our platform lets your employees focus on customer service and their tasks at hand, increasing overall sales and customers served.

With Drink Command’s Technology Platform, operators can empower guests to serve their own beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Unlike a soda fountain, our system can track the amount a guest dispenses down to the ounce– providing more choices for self-serve. Premium beverages such as kombuchas, nitro-brewed coffees, and even boutique teas can all be poured by guests themselves- giving them the freedom to serve as much or as little as they want. By offloading the responsibility of beverage service from your employees, our platform lets your employees focus on customer service and their tasks at hand, increasing overall sales and customers served. The result? Increased overall sales, especially on higher-margin beverages, all while providing a unique guest experience that will entice repeat visits in the future.

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As always, if you have any questions about how a Drink Command System can benefit your current business model, feel free to contact us. With over a decade in the self-service industry and installations worldwide, there’s virtually no business model we haven’t worked with!


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