BLOG November 17, 2023

Pouring with Purpose: Explore Daily Allowances for Responsible Drinking with Drink Command

navigating daily allowances with drink command with a tower installation

Welcome back to another edition of our informative series, unlocking the potential of self-serve technology for your business, courtesy of Drink Command. If you’ve missed any of our previous installments, catch up in our blog archive. In today’s edition, we dive deeper into the Responsible Drinking Features of our self-serve system, with a special focus on Daily Allowances and how it contributes to responsible drinking.

Daily Allowances serve as a cornerstone in promoting responsible drinking, allowing operators to set limits or fully restrict access with ease. Venues can tailor these limits according to state or country regulations, ensuring a safe and compliant environment.

Setting daily allowance limits is a breeze with Drink Command. For instance, consider a 16oz daily allowance. Guests can pour up to 16 oz. in a day, and once they reach their limit, they must wait until their allowance is renewed. The flexibility of Drink Command accommodates various venue preferences seamlessly.

Within set daily allowance limits, guests enjoy a user-friendly experience, pouring drinks responsibly. As long as guests stay within legal limits, Drink Command technology empowers them to serve themselves, providing establishments peace of mind that everyone is enjoying their beverages responsibly.

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Daily renewal of allowances ensures guests can pour again, promoting responsible habits. The monitoring capabilities of Drink Command allow operators to review each guest pour account, tracking habits and enabling inebriation checks when necessary. Operators also have the flexibility to override limits for special cases or provide courtesy pours when needed..

Daily Allowance in a Co-Living Space

In a luxury co-living space, the implementation of Daily Allowances plays a pivotal role in cultivating a refined and responsible drinking atmosphere for residents. Utilizing the innovative Drink Command system, operators have the flexibility to establish a daily limitation tailored to the community’s preferences, such as allowing two non-alcoholic beverages per day as a thoughtful amenity. Residents can seamlessly utilize their RFID or apartment key card to access the predetermined quantity of drinks, eliminating the need to engage with a barista or rely on a trust-based system. This not only enhances convenience but also mitigates the risk of potential misuse, reinforcing the commitment to responsible consumption within the community.

kegerator in a break room set up

In summary, Daily Allowances are a key element in promoting responsible pouring through Drink Command’s self-serve system. We reiterate our commitment to supporting establishments in fostering responsible drinking practices.

Operators, we invite you to explore and implement this feature for a safer self-serve experience. Share your thoughts and feedback on Drink Command’s self-serve technology as we continuously strive to enhance our system.

Stay tuned for our next edition where we’ll unveil the next phase of safety and compliance features – choosing the appropriate UI Configuration as part of our Socially Responsible Drinking Features. Exciting developments await!

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