BLOG June 12, 2023

Customize your Drink Command’s installation with unique hardware!

Infuse Your Own Unique Design Taste Into Self-Serve With Drink Command’s Wide Array Of Hardware Customizations!

Welcome to another edition of Drink Command’s ongoing series of digests! These missives are designed to help business operators understand the benefits and advantages exclusive to our technology. Continuing with our discussion of personalization, today we’ll be focusing on one of the most important physical aspects of any Drink Command System – the beverage-dispensing hardware itself.

A great example of the degree of customization available to business operators is the multitude of unique faucets and tap handles that can be integrated into the experience. For ease of understanding, we’ll define the tap handle as the piece that a guest pushes or pulls to dispense while the faucet is the part that dispenses the actual beverage. Faucets can be customized by color and material- from brushed copper to satin finishes that can match virtually any decor. All our products are made with 304 stainless steel for operators who want to give their customers a truly authentic experience, the same quality material that pubs and breweries use.

Tap handles can be personalized in a virtually limitless number of ways, from lightweight polymer rods to custom designs and shapes that reflect the atmosphere and design philosophy.  For those operators with partnerships with their suppliers, tap handles can even be interchanged to advertise the beer or brand on that specific tap. In locations where less is more, our engineers have developed minimal-touch tap handles that reduce the amount of physical interaction needed to dispense the beverage- some without having to touch the tap at all!

With the amount of customization available for Drink Command’s system, there’s nowhere a tap wall won’t fit in

From corporate offices to stadiums to restaurants, no two installations will ever look the same. While the sky’s the limit in regards to design, one thing is always the same: the rock-solid technology platform that ensures a premium guest experience every time.
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