BLOG June 27, 2023

Check Out The Designs of These Novel Drink Command Locations!

Last week we showcased several venues with Drink Command installations, each with a unique flair and design. With so many different tap walls to fit every market segment, it was impossible to fit it all into a single newsletter. So as a continuing demonstration of the creativity our system can embrace, today we’re going to be showcasing a few more of our client’s installations! If you happened to miss the first part of this series, you can find it and all of our other newsletters here.

brew bar self-pour tap wall in Florida

Brew Bar

Traveling a bit further south to Florida in the suburbs of Tampa Bay, Wesley Chapel is the home of Brew Bar, a boutique venue serving a wide variety of beverages.  Like all of the other locations within the Krate complex, Brew Bar’s building is an upcycled shipping container, giving the place a sleek vibe.  Sporting a geometric design with black and gold color scheme, Drink Command’s tap wall complements the retrofuturistic theme that makes this place a must-experience destination for any visitor, near or far.

steak and saloon tap wall

Steak & Saloon

In the Greater Cleveland Area of Ohio sits a steak house, which provides not just food but fun as well!  With an arcade, bocce, pool tables, and more, guests can help themselves to a beverage thanks to their Drink Command tap wall.  Designed with a rich brown finish wall and classic wood columns to match the western saloon motif, every guest has the opportunity to feel like a classic frontiersman serving themselves a frosty brew!

sports bar with screens at every table

Matches Sports Bar, Grill & Social

Just a hop, skip, and a jump across a tiny pond called the Atlantic Ocean and you’ll find yourself in front of Matches Sports Bar in Ashford, UK.  With a unique setup that includes both self-serve taps and retro video games in their booths, guests can feel at home enjoying conversation and games over food and drinks.  Giving off vibes of a cool friend’s house, customers can stay and play to their heart’s content, while serving themselves from taps literally embedded in the brick wall below the screens!

With unparalleled flexibility, Drink Command’s technology platform can feel at home at any venue, large or small.  From a tiny one screen installation under the stairs to a gargantuan multiplex setup at a stadium, there is no limit to Drink Command’s versatility.  If you’re an operator that’s ready to take the next step, or you simply want to know more information about how a tap wall could fit into your business model, drop us a line! 


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