The Drink Command Controller

Each Drink Command self-serve draft system comes with a Controller – also known as the ‘server’ in the system. The Controller is the central control point and database for your self-serve taps and allows your staff and management to keep track of what the taps are doing and what your customers are consuming.

Displayed on the Controller screen is a visual representation of your taps, grouped into logical groups, eg 2 taps per table. With color-coded status alerts, your staff can understand at a glance the current status of your self-serve taps and can identify any items that need action.

Controller Features

  • 15" Commercial grade touch screen

    The large 15″ touch screen gives your staff easy control and the IP65 build means the screen is protected from spilled beer and dirt – your bar counter is no place for consumer iPads or tablets!

  • Robust server database

    Your customer’s information is securely stored in the server on solid state drives with redundancy. For additional peace of mind, with Gold Support your information is also backed up to our secure cloud server

  • Color-coded status display

    Understand at a glance what’s happening at your taps. Blue means the taps are ok and waiting for a customer. Green means the taps are in use and pouring. Red means there’s something that needs attention, eg the keg is empty

  • Open New Sessions Quickly

    Tap a customer card against the RFID reader. Choose a prepaid credit amount from the options on screen. Press the ‘Start Cash’ button – and that’s it! In just a couple of seconds you can open new sessions loaded with credit on RFID cards

  • Open tabs and group modes

    From the controller screen, a server can open a tab on a table or an individual RFID card. The system can also run in ‘group mode’ for parties or corporate events

  • Top Up Customer Credit

    When a customer wants to add more credit to their session, it’s a simple two-tap process on the controller screen

  • Manage Responsible Drinking

    If you have volume limits set up for sessions, it is simple to ‘continue’ a session for a customer when they have reached their consumption limit. This is done by tapping the customer card and pressing ‘Continue’ on the screen

  • Alerts when a keg is empty

    With our custom electronic FOB detectors, your staff will be alerted on screen when a keg requires changing

  • Wired or Wireless Control

    If you have mobile counters in your venue (or a mix of fixed beer walls and mobile counters) we provide a controller with a powerful wireless antenna for secure, encrypted communication anywhere in your venue

  • Manage pricing and beer brands

    From the Controller screen, managers can adjust pricing and can change the brands of beer for each tap – for when you need to tap up a different beer on a line

  • Print Customer Receipts

    With a single touch, print a customer receipt detailing the session history including top ups, consumption and balance remaining. Include your own company information on the receipt header and footer

  • End of Day Reports

    Managers can run end of day closing reports which can be printed or emailed. Closing a day resets the totals but keeps any customer credit open if you are using permanent sessions

  • Multiple controller stations

    You can easily add multiple controller stations to your venue to allow servers control from different areas. Each screen can show either all taps or just the local taps, and customer credit is synced across all controller stations

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