Stunning Self Serve Beer Wall at La Raffinerie, France


Blog header image, Drink Command Installs, La Raffinerie, Marcel, France

Bespoke Beer Wall from drink command a massive hit with locals in Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence, France

Drink Command’s 2017 installations kick off with a very classy custom beer wall at La Raffinerie Restaurant and Bar, in the beautiful southern French town of Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence. The owners commissioned Drink Command to work with their designers to create a unique and visually stunning centrepiece for the newly opened premises.

The result is a remarkable 8 tap self pour beer wall that is both aesthetically impressive but also highly functional, built for dispensing high volumes of perfectly chilled beer. Testament to that is that on the first night of opening, the beer wall dispensed 13 kegs of beer – TOUT SIMPLEMENT INCROYABLE!!

The system uses Drink Command’s RFID technology to manage customer credit and interactions with the beer wall screens. We supply custom branded dual sided RFID cards that are usually kept by the bar’s customers in their wallets. This is a great way to drive repeat business and brand loyalty with customers. It is even possible to assign ‘VIP status’ to selected customers so that VIP customers are presented with preferred pricing structures.

Staff members and management are also issued RFID cards and can have access rights to parts of the system assigned to them based on their role – for example bar staff may only be able to top up customer credit but managers can also change beer prices and run reports etc.

Proof of the success of the La Raffinerie Self Serve Beer Wall is that the bar have already ordered thousands more RFID cards than they originally anticipated. La Raffinerie’s Self Serve Beer wall is a unique installation in this region of France and we at Drink Command are proud to be the solution provider for such a fabulous venue!

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