Self-Serve Draft Solutions for Stadiums

Discover the dramatic efficiency gains and significant profits boots that you can immediately gain with self-pour draft beer combined with contactless payments in stadiums.

  • Reduced Transaction Time

    With Drink Command, the transaction time to dispense a beer reduces from 38 seconds to 24 seconds on average (and depending on other environmental factors)

  • Higher Throughput at Peak Times

    At key traffice pinch points, just before a game or at half time, you can sell significantly more beer with Drink Command

  • Reduced staff costs and training costs

    With Drink Command, a single staff member can supervise a bank of taps, typically 12 or 16 taps per staff member. You no longer need to constantly train new staff in pouring beer. This results is dramatically reduced staff costs on match days

  • Better beer quality and colder dispense

    Our self-serve mobile counters ensure that customers always receive fresh, cold beer with each pour, rather than pre-dispensed beer that may have been sitting on the counter for some time

  • Total control of responsible drinking limits

    Set limits for consumption per person, per event or per transaction as required. Drink Command self-serve systems are the safest way to dispense draft beer in volume

  • Beer Loading Options

    Drink Command can easily connect to your existing beer pythons where available. With mobile counters you can store kegs in the counter, and we can also provide pop-up cold rooms to keep kegs on standby close to your dispense points

  • Mobile Counters for Flexibility

    With our Mobile Counters, you can add beer taps to areas of your stadium where you previously could not dispense draft beer. Wireless operation means complete flexibility for you with positioning

  • Payment Integration

    With contactless card and mobile (Apple Pay and Android Pay) options that link directly to your existing merchant account, you can easily integrate our self-pour taps without changing your operational processes. You can further integrate Drink Command with your EPOS and back office systems for seamless stock control

Contactless Payments – Welcome to the self-serve beer revolution

Drink Command are proud to introduce to the market contactless and mobile payment solutions for our self-serve mobile beer counters. Give your patron their preferred payment choice to pay with contactless credit or debit cards, chip & pin cards or mobile payment options including Apple Pay and Android Pay. With Contactless payment options and Drink Command self-serve mobile tables, the revolution of draft dispense for event operators has arrived.

Self pour with contactless payments is the most efficient and profitable way to dispense draft beer