Shooters Leeds Self-Serve Contactless Beer Walls


Image of 4 tap self serve beer wall with contactless payment terminals from Verifone

Contactless Payment Terminals at Leeds Self-Serve Beer Walls

Shooters Leeds have installed a number of self-serve beer walls in their high profile and extremely busy sports bar. Shooters Sports Bars are part of the rapidly expanding Burning Night Group.

The brief from Shooters was to design a system that would allow customers in the large sports bar to serve themselves as well as pay for their own beers at the beer walls. The locations picked for the three beer walls are away from the main bar, in areas where customers like to stay put – the pool tables, the shuffleboards, and the comfy couches facing the giant LED video screen.

By offering customers the ability to purchase beer and pour it themselves without having to return to the bar, the management have found that customer dwell time and satisfaction have improved dramatically. Customers can help themselves to a fresh cold beer without ever taking their eyes off the big game!

Key to the success of the concept has been Drink Command’s integration with Verifone payment terminals. The terminals are integrated into Shooter’s existing merchant payment account, and seamlessly facilitate quick contactless payments as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

When customers buy a pint using their contactless credit / debit card, the Drink Command system keeps track of how much they have poured, so if a customer doesn’t quite pour a full pint of beer they will be allowed to come back later, present their credit / debit card again and the system will let them finish their pour.

The beer walls at Shooters Leeds are a great example of how self-serve beer and contactless card payments can complement each other to bring better service to customers at peak times, particularly during busy TV sporting events.

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