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Drink Command’s custom table taps are ideal for providing self-serve beer right at your customer’s tables or booths. Our beautiful chrome polished beer dispense towers are of the highest quality and house the touch screen and RFID reader in a single easy to install enclosure.

For new bars and existing venues that can run beer lines to tables from their cold room, our table taps are popular with sports bars, taprooms, party venues and restaurants.

How does it work?

Patrons who are seated at the self-pour tables can request that their server opens a new tab on the table taps. The server opens the tab on the controller screen (usually situated behind the bar) and the customers can pour up to a limit determined by the bar, in compliance with local and state regulations.

Alternatively, customers can purchase credit onto custom branded RFID cards which can then be used on any of the self-serve taps in the venue, eg if your bar also has a Drink Command beer wall installed. Our software keeps track of every drop poured and ensures that customers drink responsibly, and that you enjoy the maximum yield possible from every keg of beer that you tap up.

Are table taps Legal in my state / country?

We currently supply our systems into 25 countries, with new regions coming on board regularly. Our self-pour table taps are approved in every jurisdiction we sell into. For example, in the UK we are certified for measured dispense by the government National Measurements Office, and similarly we are certified in Australia by the National Measurements Institute.

In the USA, table taps are approved by the state liquor boards of 46 states, including a recent approval in Michigan where self-serve taps must be installed at patron’s tables (no beer walls).

How accurate is the dispense?

Our self-serve draft beer systems have been certified in the UK to be 99.65% accurate. In other words, if a customer pours a 16oz beer, it will be accurate to within 1/20th of an ounce – there’s no bartender that can pour that accurately!

Where is the beer cooling?

With our self-serve table taps, your beer is cooled in your cold room as normal and fed to the table taps through glycol chilled beer pythons. We supply our beer towers complete with insulated beer lines and cooling lines that chill the beer right to the tap, and your beer equipment contractor will be able to easily connect the towers into your beer pythons. This will ensure perfectly chilled beer from your cold room right to the customer’s taps, and minimizes the chance of customers pouring foamy beer.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure chilled beer is delivered to the taps! Our table tap towers do not chill the beer or affect the quality of the pour.

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