Self Serve Table Taps at Brew Buddy, India


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Self Serve Draft Beer Taps A Local Hit At Brew Buddy

The owners of Brew Buddy are three lifelong buddies with a common love for great beer, and when they wanted to add beer taps to the tables in their new bar, they came to Drink Command as the global experts in self-serve draft beer technologies. As well as offering a unique feature in the strikingly designed bar, the buddies main objective was to deliver quality draft beer straight from the onsite microbrewery to to tables for customers to enjoy with ultimate convenience.

The result is a stunning bar in the trendy Sector 29 district of Gurugram with self-pour taps at multiple tables. Drink Command supplied our custom mirror finish stainless steel towers which house the waterproof touchscreen and RFID card reader. From an aesthetic perspective, the towers fit the decor perfectly and help to distinguish Beer Buddy as the place to enjoy a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with high quality micro brewery beer and great food to wash the beer down with!

Drink Command’s software is truly global, with many regional settings that can be customised to each installation. Currency can be set to Indian Rupee or any local currency, any language choice is possible, beer volumes can be dispensed in litres, ounces, glasses, ABV and more. Being the global experts in self-serve beer means being aware of local regulations and measurement systems – Drink Command leads the self-serve industry with our truly customisable software for any region in the world.

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