Self Serve Mobile Beer Counter in Kickers Bar, Dubai


Blog post header drink command installs kickers sports bar, Dubai, UAE

Mobile Counter performance put to the test in high volume Dubai bar

Here’s a great example of our mobile counter technology put under pressure by high pouring numbers! Installed by our UAE partners Apogee, this mobile counter has seen an incredible amount of beer poured through it in the first few weeks of use.

We knew that Kickers Sports Bar is one of the busiest bars in all of Dubai so it was no surprise to see dozens of kegs of beer going through our 4 tap mobile counter in a matter of days!

This is a great use case scenario for mobile counters. Our mobile self-serve beer counter work best in locations where:

  • There are large numbers of customers trying to buy draft beers in a short time window (in Kickers this is usually right before a game)
  • The beer needs to be dispensed ice cold even in very hot and humid environments
  • The bar needs flexibility to locate the self-serve taps at various locations in the venue, depending on the event

Here is a video of some customer reactions to the self-pour beer counter in Kickers:

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