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Whether you want 2 taps or 200 taps in your self-serve beer wall, our range of flexible beer wall solutions will provide you with incredible return on investment, increased profits and more satisfied customers! We have installed self-pour beer walls around in the world in many unique configurations and designs – check out the beer wall gallery below.

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What is a self-serve beer wall?

A self-serve beer wall is quite simply the best way to dispense draft beer in your venue! By allowing your customers to serve themselves, you can offer them better choice and service, while enjoying the benefits of reduced waste and staff costs, and much higher profits per keg than traditional bartender pouring.

Here’s how your customers interact with the beer wall:

  • purchase prepaid credit onto an RFID card

    Your staff will sell credit on custom branded RFID cards, or if you have the contactless payment option customers can go ahead and make the purchase at your beer wall screens

  • Choose a beer from your beer wall selection

    Your beer logos are displayed on each screen, the customer simply taps their RFID card to make a purchase

  • Pour the Beer

    Customers are only charged for what they pour, remaining credit is stored on their RFID card for later use

Customer interaction with your beer wall is simple and can be understand immediately by your customers. More than 1.6 million beers have been dispensed from Drink Command beer walls to date – our technology is road tested and proven to be user friendly and robust.

Fully customisable

Each screen on your beer wall will display your beer logos corresponding to the beer you have on tap. Keg empty and you need to change to another beer brand? No problem – you can instantly change the beer brand from our touch screen controller, including the beer logo, price and beer information.

Almost every aspect of our beer wall systems can be customised to suit your individual operating requirements, including:

  • Display prices, volume remaining and customer name on screen
  • Set Happy Hour pricing structures per beer, per customer group or per group of taps
  • Set custom session parameters including customer credit expiry dates
  • Choose to sell by the ounce, by the glass or by specific volume
  • Set a schedule of on/off hours to automatically enable / disable the beer wall
  • Comprehensive responsible drinking features – set cash limits, volume limits, time limits and more
  • Localisation features – set language, timezone, currency and more
  • Plus hundreds of other configurable parameters – have your beer wall your way!

Beer Wall Technical Specs and FAQs

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Is a Self-Serve Beer Wall the right option for me?

You probably already are aware of the benefits of self-serve beer systems, and perhaps you are trying to figure out if a beer wall option is the right way to go for your venue. Our product range includes beer walls as well as self-serve table taps, self-contained tables and mobile counters.

Here are some pointers to ask yourself which will help determine the best self-serve solution for your business:

  • Do I have space for a beer wall? A typical 12 tap beer wall will take approximately 10ft (3m) of wall space in your venue
  • Can I run a beer python to the beer wall from my cold room? In existing venues, make sure you are going to be able to get beer to the wall! If it’s impossible to run a new beer python for the purpose, we have mobile and self-contained options available for you.
  • Do I want to serve a rotating selection of craft and premium beers? Beer walls are a great way to allow your customers to sample beers without committing to purchase a full glass. By having a selection of beers on a beer wall (instead of on customer tables), the customer can browse your selection and pour the amount they want at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Do I want to serve a large number of customers in a short space of time? Beer walls are the best solution for high volume throughput at peak times, eg during the interval of a game. For highest volume throughput, choose a beer wall setup with 1 tap per screen which will allow the most number of simultaneous pours from your beer wall.
  • Are my staff under pressure and struggling to service our customers? If you have 40 taps behind the bar and you have 5 staff (for example…), these staff may be able to pour 5 beers at the same time, or possibly 10 if they are particularly well trained. With a 40 tap beer wall, you can have 40 customers pouring themselves beers simultaneously with no staff involvement, freeing up your staff to pour other drinks.
  • Does a beer wall give me the best return on investment? The short answer is yes. A self-serve beer wall is the most cost efficient way to dispense a draft beer, and it will give you the quickest return on investment and the highest margins going forward.
  • Should I choose one tap or two taps per screen? If you are a high volume venue and you want the highest throughput at your beer wall, choose 1 tap per screen. 2 taps per screen is perceived as better value for money and can work well in less busy environments where you want to offer more choice.
  • Which size screen is right for my venue? We offer three size screens for beer walls – 8″, 10″ and 15″ – and each option can be mounted in portrait or landscape format depending on your design criteria. We recommend 15″ screens as having the most impact in your venue, and for drawing attention to the beer wall, as well as giving the customer the best interface experience. 10″ screens are great for beer walls that are built for high volume and throughput. We recommend 8″ screens where space is at more of a premium and you want to pack more selection into a smaller space.

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