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The facts about how much time and money can be saved with drink command self-pour beer systems

A 2015 report published by UK company Orderella in partnership with The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) provided some much needed insight into how technology is shaping service standards in the on-trade. The report highlights a clear message – speed of service is a major issue for consumers, with 77% claiming long queues or waiting for service had a negative effect on their experience at the venue.

Some relevant findings from the report:

  • Technology is a service aid

    WIth the right equipment, staff can be freed up from the ‘technicalities’ of the job and instead focus on better customer service

  • Venues lose 10% of customers because of long queues

    The need for speedy service is appreciated by ALMR members

  • Waiting for service creates negativity

    77% of consumers claim queues or waiting for service has had a negative effect on their experience at a venue

  • 52% of consumers say technology enhances their pub visit

    That figure rises to 64% for 18-24 year olds and 67% for 25-34 year olds

  • UK Pub trade could lose £4.2bn due to lack of payment options

    24% of consumers say they have given up on an order because their payment option was not available

It’s pretty obvious that queueing and issues around speed of service are key issues for consumers which are becoming more and more important. It’s also pretty obvious from this report and other reports that the future of payments in pubs is contactless and mobile payments. Let’s take a look at how Drink Command self-serve beer systems can save your customers time (and therefore save you time) and ultimately how this translates into more money for you, the operator.

The impact of Drink Command self-serve taps on speed of service

  1. If you have, for example, 20 ‘traditional’ taps behind the bar and four staff manning those taps, that means up to four taps can be in use at the same time (or maybe up to 8 taps if the bartenders are superb) whereas with self-pour taps all 20 taps can be pouring to 20 customers at the same time. That’s a very significant increase in throughput
  2. The main delay at the bar is not in fact the time it takes to dispense the beer, but rather the time it takes for the cash or card transaction. A cash transaction can take 6 to 15 seconds, a card transaction typically takes 12 to 25 seconds at the bar. With Drink Command, the transaction time is 1 to 2 seconds per customer per transaction. Again, that has a very significant positive impact on the throughput in a venue, particularly at peak service times
  3. If you offer contactless payments as part of your Drink Command system, you can further reduce the overall transaction times while at the same time offering your customers the all-important option of being able to pay through Apple Pay or Android Pay on their phones.
  4. At your most busy times, that industry standard 10% of customers who walk away because of long queues can now be converted to additional sales through your self-pour taps.

The bottom line – how will this save me money?

Drink Command self-pour beer systems will save you money in a number of important ways:

  • Improved yield from every keg. The industry accepted wastage figure in the UK is 8%, in the US that rises to 20%. With Drink Command, your wastage figure drops to almost zero percent.
  • You can serve more people more effectively with less staff.
  • Your staff can be redeployed to more profitable roles such as up selling cocktails or providing interaction and customer service.
  • By utilising contactless payment methods, your cash handling costs will be reduced.
  • Customers tip more when they have experienced speedy service and good customer relations, which means happier and more productive staff.

Return on investment case study

Let’s take an example of a typical 30 tap self-serve installation:

Number of taps: 30
Total installation cost: $35k
Beers sold per month through 30 self-pour taps: 4500
Cost per keg (105 beers) – $119
Sell price per beer – $6
Existing wastage percentage – 9%

Calculations from these figures:

Monthly sales – $27,000
Savings from reduced waste – $2,430
Realised monthly margin – $24,330

Return on Investment – 46 days

That’s without factoring in reduced staff costs, or the 10% of customers who would have previously left because of your peak time queues, and also not factoring in the additional throughput from your existing customers who can now access more beer at more convenient times for them.

Check it out for yourself – explore our estimate calculator and return on investment calculator to discover how remarkably quickly your investment will pay for itself.

Calculate your own savings

Explore our estimate calculator and return on investment calculator to discover how quickly your investment with Drink Command will pay for itself

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