Self Serve Beer Table with Integrated Cooling

The Drink Command beer table is an all-inclusive self-serve beer table with integrated cooling and all electronics housed within a compact and attractive lockable unit.

Beer Table Pricing
  • Complete self-serve table with cooling

    Contains everything you need to dispense perfectly cooled beer, including chilled keg storage, powerful in-line beer chiller, gas regulator, FOBs, drip tray and waste drain, all self-self serve electronics

  • Rotating self-serve taps

    Two beer taps in the centre of the table rotate through 320 degrees to give all patrons at the table easy and fun access to the taps

  • Wired or Wireless operation

    Connect your tables to your controller via ethernet network cable, or for maximum flexibility connect via secure WiFi to allow you to relocate your tables as you wish – eg to outdoor areas in summer!

  • Storage for 2 kegs plus gas

    In the chilled keg storage area, there is room for 2 x 50L kegs of your choice. You can also hook up two different gas bottles to dispense stout and lager from the same table, for example

  • RFID cards or Contactless Payment

    Your customers can purchase beer through prepaid custom branded RFID cards, or for the ultimate cashless experience choose contactless payment terminals for card and mobile payments at the taps

  • Legal in 46 US States

    Our systems are liquor board approved in 46 States, including Michigan which has recently approved our mobile tables for legal use in bars.

  • Comprehensive Responsible Drinking Features

    Drink Command software comes with a complete set of tools to help you manage overconsumption in your premises

  • Mix and Match tables and beer walls

    With a Drink Command installation, you can enjoy the benefit of our beer tables, mobile counters, beer walls and table taps all in the same system, from a single controller

The ‘Wet Side’
Lockable chilled storage for 2 x 50 litre kegs (or smaller kegs if required) with chiller plate, drainage container and electronic FOB detectors.

The ‘Dry Side’
Powerful glycol chilled beer line cooler with recirc to the taps which keep the beer cold right to the taps. Storage for 2 gas bottles of different mixes if required (eg stout and lager) plus gas regulators.

Self-Serve Beer Table Gallery

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