Self-Serve Beer is Simple, Fun, Drives Business and Increases Profits


Blog featured image self-pour is simple, fun, drives traffic & increases sales

The four pillars of what makes self-serve beer systems such a great addition to any venue are 1) Simple to use, even for the first time; 2) Fun for consumers, creating memorable customer experiences; 3) Drives business to the venue; 4) Proven to increase profits. Let’s take a moment to explore each of these important benefits in the context of how they can help to improve the overall operations in your venue!

Simple to use

The first interaction that your customer has with self-pour taps is absolutely critical. Your customer has heard positive things about these sexy new self-serve taps that you’ve installed, and they are here to have fun and enjoy the experience. Self-serve taps are no place for complex interfaces, confusing terminology or difficult to use pouring equipment.

We’ve got a first-class team of user experience design artists who have created the perfect interface to allow your customers to enjoy the experience without getting lost in the technology.

Our “Five T’s” form the basis of simple interaction. If you promote this method to your customers and help guide them through the journey, you’ll find yourself with a lot of very satisfied customers and you’ll also find yourself with a more healthy looking bank balance….

The 5 T’s of Self Pour:

  • Top Up

    If your customers top up RFID cards before pouring, make it very obvious how to do it and where to go. Big signs, people!

  • Touch Card

    The customer is prompted on screen to touch their RFID card on the reader, it’s simple and very quick

  • Tilt Glass

    The first time customers use the self-pour taps, explain how to old the glass at a 45 degree and get ready to pour!

  • Tap Open

    Make sure the customer opens the tap fully and quickly to begin pouring

  • Taste the perfect beer

    Your customers are enjoying their cold beer and reveling in their new found freedom to pour their own pints!

Fun For Customers

Most of us have never poured a draft beer before, and those of us who have tried have probably made a balls of it… Key to keeping the Drink Command experience fun for customers is making the beer pouring experience as ‘idiot-proof’ as possible. Customers are not expert bartenders. It is our job to make it as easy as possible for customers to pour great beers, and it’s your job as a staff member to give them the confidence to have fun pouring beer.

It all starts with making sure the beer is cold right to the tap. With Drink Command mobile counters or mobile tables, we take care of the cooling and ensure the customer can pour a great beer without any problems. If you are pumping beer to your self-pour taps from your cold room, make sure that your beer techs have chilled the beer lines right to the tap with a recirc line (typically powered by a glycol cooler)

Once your customer has experienced the thrill of pouring a decent beer the first time, they’ll be hooked! It is by far the most fun and memorable way for customers to enjoy getting a beer, and that will help your venue stand apart from your competition

Drives Business

You’ll already know this – your self-pour taps are an incredibly powerful draw to your business! If you build it, they will come. So long as they know about your self-serve setup obviously….

We’ve seen some great installations of Drink Command self-pour taps all over the world, and we’ve seen the kind of impressive footfall that self-pour taps can bring to businesses. By simply HAVING our self-serve taps in your venue, customers will come. By taking it a step further and making the customer experience simple and fun, your customers will not only return to your business, but they’ll spread the word and tell their friends. By taking one step further again and putting some marketing effort behind your Drink Command taps, you’ll hit the holy grail of attracting a flood of new customers and retaining them as happy, loyal, and frequent visitors to your self-serve bar.

As the most experienced self-serve beer company in the world, we will bring a massive wealth of knowledge and best-practice to your self-serve project. We’ll work closely with you on your launch plans for your self-serve taps concept. It’s all about building up that initial momentum, and then creating a sustainable and profitable repeat business. We can demonstrate to you how most of our customers enjoy return on investment in 3 months or less, and we have connect you with some of our longer term clients who have enjoyed unbelievable profits over several years of successful self-pour service.

Proven to increase profits

To the business end of this article – this is why we’re all here, right?

What do we mean by “proven to increase profits?” We mean that we can demonstrate to you not only how profitable our existing clients are with our self-serve systems, but also we can show you how quickly your return on investment will be, and how much extra profit you’ll make on a monthly basis going forward. Let’s go on…

There are several ways in which profit can be directly increased with a Drink Command self-pour beer system:

  • Wastage is reduced to practically zero. There cannot be ‘overpouring’ with our systems.
  • As a result, you’ll experience higher yield from your kegs
  • Our custom electronic FOB detectors prevent any wastage when the barrel kicks
  • Staff costs can be reduced with self-pour, or alternatively your staff can be redeployed to upsell premium drinks and food offerings
  • If you choose to use prepaid RFID cards, there can be a percentage of ‘breakage’ – unspent credit left on cards

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