Self Serve Beer and Prosecco in Norwich, UK


Header image of self serve prosecco and beer wall

Popular Norwich venue serves up more than beer on their self-serve taps

There’s a reason we call ourselves ‘Drink Command’ instead of ‘Beer Command’ – it’s not just beer that can be served up through our self-serve taps!

Bar 11 in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, discovered the popularity of self-serve beer and prosecco in their busy city centre venue. Customers have flocked to the venue to try out the self service taps, with the Prosecco taps proving to be the star of show.

From a technical perspective, any drink can be dispensed from our self-serve taps, so long as the beverage can be served under pressure (ie from a keg / canister). We have seen customers enjoying lager, cider, stout, IPA, wine, prosecco, premixed cocktails, premium waters and even spirits. As always, please check with your local licensing authorities to discover if it is legal to self-serve any alcoholic beverage in your neighbourhood.

The team at Bar 11 have done a superb job promoting their self-serve taps, and the facility is used nightly by locals who appreciate the convenience and speed of serving yourself cold drinks without having to queue at the bar.

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