Self-pour taps at Abu Dhabi’s Stars & Bars


Perfectly chilled self-serve beer at Abu Dhabi’s Stars & Bars Sports Bar

Drinkers paradise! When the summer temperatures are in the high 40s Celsius, there is nothing like an ice cold beer served through self serve beer taps from Drink Command. A unique offering in Abu Dhabi, this recent installation by Drink Command’s UAE distributor has all the facilities you would expect from one of the top bars in the region.

Stars & Bars Abu Dhabi is inspired by Stars & Bars Monaco. Located right on the famous Yas Marina Formula One circuit in Abu Dhabi, the location is perfect for fans who want to remain close to the race action and close to ice cold, self-pour beers!

At Stars & Bars, customers can pick up a custom branded RFID card with the amount of credit loaded that they would like to spend. They can then choose to sit at one of the self-pour tables which feature our unique spinning tap mechanism. The spinning taps allows all members of a group to enjoy pouring their own beers without having to sit up from the table. This ‘party friendly’ style of self-pour table has continued to be extremely popular among Drink Command customers, and particularly in venues where there is a strong emphasis on groups of friends watching sporting events.

There is a huge emphasis on sports in Stars & Bars Abu Dhabi with no less than 76 HDTVs showing live sport from around the world. Combined with an outstanding menu, Stars & Bars self-pour tables have already established their popularity in Abu Dhabi – they are booking out fast every night! It makes perfect sense of course that groups can sit and watch a sporting event from their table while enjoying top class food and pouring their own beers, never needing to leave their table during the game.

Drink Command is the Global Leader in the self-pour beer sector and has hundreds of installations across five Continents and a proven track record of delivering consistently profitable self-pour beer systems. In addition to individual bars and restaurants, other locations where the self-pour taps technology is particularly beneficial is anywhere that high volumes of beer needs to be served within a short time window or where a sustained high number of customers are present. This makes them ideal for sports stadia bars, theatres, concert halls or large corporate event and they can also be installed in outdoor locations so festivals and music events are also ideal venues to use this technology.

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