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BLOG December 2, 2015

417 Taphouse Self Pour Reviews

Drink Command’s latest US install is located at the quirky 417 Taphouse in the old Farmers Gastropub building along South Jefferson Avenue, Springfield MO. offers 16 self-serve taps. Check out the latest reviews on the new self pour system installed by Drink Command

The Self Pour System offers 16 self-serve taps, 12no tap beer wall and 2no Fixed Beer tables with 2no taps on each table. Since opening, 417 Taphouse has proved a roaring success with customers delighted to be able to pour their own craft beers at their own pace. According to 417 customers the big advantage of the self pour taps is that they don’t have to wait to be served at the normally very busy bar. The reviews are in, check them out below including video of the new self pour system in action.



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