Officers Mess gets self-pour taps at RAF Odiham


Defence force officers enjoy self-pour beer system at the officer’s mess in RAF Odiham

Drink Command’s versatile mobile counters are suitable for many uses including stadiums, music festivals, conferences, events, etc – and some less obvious uses including solving a staffing and cost issue for the catering division at RAF Odiham in the UK.

Our mobile counter is popular with catering companies, concession holders and increasingly within defence force messes throughout the UK and abroad. RAF Odiham’s officer’s mess is an example of a mess that has benefited from our solution.

RAF Odiham is home to the Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter squadron. In the officer’s mess, our 4 tap mobile self-pour counter allows for officers to use their pre-loaded RFID cards to pour themselves a beer at any service time, and without the need to have the bar permanently staffed.

There are other benefits that the mess has enjoyed, included reduced waste costs and better quality, colder beer than the officers have been used to from behind the bar!

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