Mobile Self Pour Tables at Beacon Bingo London


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Thousands of thirsty bingo players served by self-pour mobile counters every day

Eyes down! Beacon Bingo in Cricklewood, London, caters for up to 2700 bingo players twice daily, 7 days a week. That’s a lot of refreshments required for the players and a lot of pressure on staff to dispense beers!

Intervals between bingo games at Cricklewood can be for only a few minutes at a time, creating a big rush at the bar and putting staff under the kosh to dispense large volumes of beer in a short amount of time. This is the ideal scenario for a Drink Command self-serve beer system, and the management at Beacon Bingo reached out to us after coming to the same conclusion.

Beacon invested in mobile self-serve beer counters from Drink Command to give them the versatility to service any area of the huge Cricklewood complex, including the amazing ‘garden’ space where bingo players can continue to play cards and enjoy a cold, fresh beer with their game.

Key to the success of Drink Command’s mobile counters at Beacon Bingo Cricklewood has been the concept of prepaid RFID cards, allowing players to pre-purchase their drinks at the start of the night and then dispense cold beers at a time that suits them without having to queue at the bar during the intervals. The counters have proven extremely popular with regular customers – seats near the mobile counters fill up quickly every night!

Top of the house – Drink Command….

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