Contactless and Mobile payments

The truly cashless self-serve beer experience

Drink Command self-serve beer systems are available with integrated contactless credit terminals which can accept all major credit cards, chip & pin credit & debit cards, contactless cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. The future of self-serve beer is contactless and mobile payments and with Drink Command, you are fully ready for the mobile payments revolution.

A recent study of consumer attitudes towards payment options and technology in bars found that 24% of all consumers have walked out of a business because their preferred payment method was not available. Increasingly, that preferred payment is contactless and mobile payments.

Cashless payments not only reduce your transaction time but also reduce your cash handling costs and frees up your existing staff to focus on more productive tasks such as customer service and upselling premium drinks and food.

Please Note: The solution specifications and the pricing are subject to local conditions and the providers available in the region.

How it works

The transaction is incredibly simple and obvious for customers, even if they have never used Drink Command self-pour before. First, the customer will be presented with a selection screen to choose the drinks and quantities they require. Then they touch the payment button and are prompted to use the credit card terminal to complete their transaction by tapping their contactless card / mobile payment device. It’s that easy!

You still have complete control over how much your customer can consume and you can set pouring limits as normal, to comply with local responsible drinking guidelines.

Frequently asked questions