Michigan self-pour beer rollout continues in Port Huron


Fuel Woodfire Grill in Port Huron adds table top self-pour taps

Since the start of 2017, interest in self-serve beer systems has soared throughout the state of Michigan after state regulations were amended to allow self-serve beer taps under certain circumstances. Drink Command’s table tap system was the perfect system for operators in Michigan, with our software fully compliant with the regulations from day one.

One of the venues to take advantage of the new regulations is Fuel Woodfire Grill in Port Huron, who have commissioned two self-contained beer tables into their popular restaurant. The owner was attracted to the mobile beer tables as a way to add extra draft beer tap to an area of the restaurant that was impossible to run traditional beer lines from the cold room.

In addition, the self-pour beer concept is perfectly suited to Fuel Woodfire Grill’s exceptional menu and patrons love the concept of pouring their own beers from the tables while enjoying outstanding grilled meats.

In Michigan, current regulations restrict self-pour taps to fixed tables only, which makes Drink Command’s beer tables or table taps the obvious choice for owners in Michigan. In addition, Drink Command’s software is compliant with state restrictions around how much beer can be served per order.

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Fuel Woodfire Grill, Port Huron, Michigan
Website – http://www.fuelwoodfiregrill.com/