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BLOG April 11, 2016

Self‑serve beer wall solution installed at the new Wild Eagle Saloon in downtown Cleveland, Ohio


3×8 taps on the drink walls means no queuing; no matter what draft beer you’re drinking

The newly opened Wild Eagle Saloon in downtown Cleveland Ohio is one of the latest venues to install and immediately reap the rewards of a Drink Command self-pour beer wall solution – where consumers are in complete control and ‘self-serve’ their own chosen beers.

In addition to an extensive range of bottled domestic and craft beers, no less than 17 draught beers are currently on-tap, each delivered via one of the three eight-tap drink walls. These are already proving to be incredibly successful, with the quality and volumes of beers being poured surpassing even the most optimistic initial projections and with customers loving the freedom this approach provides.

Drink Command worked in collaboration with the venue owners and its team of designers and architects, sharing knowledge and experience, to enable a fully integrated ‘Self Pour’ solution to be developed and installed ahead of the late March opening night. This also involved working closely with beer equipment specialists Micromatic during the fit out stage to ensure that every aspect of the cooling and beer line installation was in perfect shape. Drink Command technicians then spent seven days on site completing the ‘Self-Pour’ systems installation and ensuring that management and staff were fully trained in the use of the beer delivery and the RFID customer payment systems.

“The whole concept behind the Wild Eagle Saloon was to make it as easy as possible for the customers to take an active part in what’s served – so installing three of our eight-tap beer walls made perfect sense,” explained Drink Command’s Kevin Power. “The order was placed in late 2015 with the final install and training being delivered just a couple of weeks ahead of the venue’s official late March opening night. It was a real pleasure to work with GEIS Hospitality, Micromatic and BeirPros in their respective fields on this project and anticipate delivering further projects in collaboration with them. This installation is typical of how we successfully work with global partners to deliver an innovative and cost effective solution plus it demonstrates how our depth of industry experience combined with a culture of innovation truly sets us apart.”

To use the drinks wall, customers simply pre-load a custom RFID payment card then just walk up to whichever tap they want and pour their very own cold, fresh pint, whenever they want to charge their glass – no hassle or wait. What’s more they can request a summary of their bar tab and additional funds can effortlessly be added to the card, whenever required.

A modern spin on a traditional saloon, the Wild Eagle Saloon features an Americana menu with a southern, home-style twist. The Saloon’s two floors provide 6,400 square-feet of restored space that feature three self-serve draft beer walls, plus a variety of gaming, high-definition televisions and live entertainment.

The whole Wild Eagle Saloon concept is that customers have the power to control their own drinks, what they eat, when they eat it, and where they eat it. Upon walking into the Saloon, they are able to immediately place their food order bar-side and then seat themselves at the table of their choice – so that they can enjoy the overall experience with the minimum of service staff intervention and the Wild Eagle Saloon has already become the “must visit” local venue.

Drink Command is the global leader in the self-pour beer sector with hundreds of installations across all five Continents and a proven track record of delivering consistently profitable self-pour beer systems. A range of fixed walls, stand alone and fully mobile units are available all based around the self-pour tap technology that is particularly beneficial anywhere high volumes of beer needs to be served within a short time window or where a sustained high number of customers are present. This makes them ideal for busy restaurants, sports stadia bars, theatres, concert halls or large corporate event and they can also be installed in outdoor locations, so festivals and music events are also ideal venues to use this technology.

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