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BLOG December 16, 2015

Drink Command wins its “Spurs” with its practical self-pour solution


On any match day the exclusive lounge and bar for executive box holders at White Hart Lane, the home of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, is a hive of activity from long before kickoff until well after the final whistle.

Drink Command has just demonstrated its mobile four-tap, self-pour beer system to the general management team at the stadium along with Mike Davis, the concessions manager for Centerplate UK, the specialists in venue and event catering and the White Hart Lane food and beverage team. The initial unit is dedicated to Carlsberg lager, the beer of choice for the majority of drinkers on match days, although guest beers could also be added in the future given sufficient demand.

The executive management team also believes that as box holders try the self-pour beer system and become accustomed to pouring their own fresh and cold pints whenever their glasses need refilling; they will have an enhanced experience and zero service delay but from a management perspective revenues are also expected to rise significantly.

Each box holder can obtain a custom RFID payment card which they then pre-load with funds and this is used to pay for the beer served. Additional funds can effortlessly be added whenever required and what’s more they can even request a summary of their bar tab should it be required plus any of their guests can also use the card.

“A steady stream of executive box holder customers step-up to the bar but at certain points in the day, because of peaks in demand, they unfortunately sometimes had to wait for quite a while to be served,” explained Peter the executive head barman. “This was particularly problematic in the run up to kickoff, at half time and immediately after the match. Assigning additional staff to the bar during these peak times was simply not practical or viable so our executive management team looked for an alternative and the Drink Command self-pour system was the logical solution.”

Kevin Power, managing director at Drink Command added: “Our Drink Command self-pour solution is ideal to meet peak demand at sporting stadia, festivals, theatres or anywhere that high volumes of beer needs to be served within a short time window or where a sustained high number of customers are present. Customers simply pre-load a custom RFID payment card then just walk up to the mobile unit and pour their very own fresh and cold pint whenever they want to charge their glass – no hassle or wait.”

Pictured (LtoR) are Brian Rogers, Managing Director and investor in Drink Command; Kevin Power, sales director at Drink Command; Mike Davis, the concessions manager for Centerplate UK and his management team.

Drink Command is the Global Leader in the self-pour beer sector and has hundreds of installations across all five Continents and a proven track record of delivering consistently profitable self-pour beer systems.



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