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BLOG April 13, 2018

Tennis Club Self-Serve Beer System is a big hit with the members!

Turns out self-serve beers aren’t just a hit in the Bars and Night clubs, Sports clubs love them too!
This time we’ll let our customers do the talking! Check out what the guys at South Regency Tennis and Fitness club in Dayton Ohio had to say about their new self-pour beer system!

South Regency Tennis and Fitness club

“A big shout out to my friends at Drinkcommand. The self-contained Self pour draft system is a big hit at our club. One of the most innovating and coolest draft beer systems on earth.   The ease of the self-pour draft system has revolutionised how the members drink their beer and more importantly how they pay for it. The members charge their cards at the front desk and they drink as much or as little as they like.  Having no money exchange at the tap has made the system simple and easy. No one knows beer like the Irish, so it only makes sense to let Drinkcommand lead your beer drinkers into the future!  Straight from Dublin to Dayton, we’ve got the best beer on the planet!  

If you own a club, a golf course or host parties on any level, this is the unit for you.  Swing on by the tennis club if you’re in Dayton and I’ll give you a tour and a taste.  We received incredible service at the point of sale and even better service after the sale.

Thanks again Drinkcommand!

Cheers from Dayton, Ohio”

Well there you have it, another happy customer!

Like our friends at South Regency Tennis and Fitness Club said, if you own a golf club or other sports facilities with a bar, or maybe you are in the hospitality industry, hosting parties, concerts or festivals. Then you should contact us here at Drink Command. Our self-serve beer systems will not only be a huge novelty to your customers, it will also drive down costs for your business with less bar tending and handling of cash required.

Contact us today to find out more about how DrinkCommand can revolutionise the way your customers order, purchase and drink beer!


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