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BLOG January 12, 2017

Harpers Install First Self-Pour System In Michigan


It is now legal for bars and restaurants to offer self-serve beer in the State of Michigan, and Harper’s Brewhouse and Restaurant have been quick off the mark with the very first self-pour taps in the State. The owners commissioned Drink Command as the recognised industry leaders in self-serve beer, and also because our custom beer towers and mobile tables comply with the State Liquor Board’s new regulations on self-serve beer taps.

In Michigan, self-serve beer can only be sold through table mounted taps at the customer’s tables. Drink Command have a product range which includes table / booth taps which are connected to the venue’s existing keg room. We also manufacture mobile tables which are fully self-contained with keg storage, cooling, and all self-pour electronics.

At Harpers Brewhouse & Restaurant, East Lansing, Michigan, Drink Command supplied a combination of fixed table taps and mobile self-pour tables. All taps and tables are centrally controlled via a touchscreen controller installed behind the bar. The mobile tables are connected to our controller wirelessly and can be relocated to an outside space once the weather picks up a bit…

One of the Liquor Board’s regulations for self-pour beer deals with over serving. The specific restriction is that no tap can dispense more that 6 beers per ‘session’, after which a staff member must authorise the continued use of that tap. The authorisation is recorded in the audit log, built in to Drink Command’s software. This 6 beer Liquor Board restriction required some adjustment to our software as the regulation differs from most other States. One of Drink Command’s core strengths is that (unlike some competitors) we have built our software entirely in-house, and we can modify the software to suit our customer’s requirements.

Harper’s is an extremely popular location in East Lansing, located adjacent to the Michigan State University campus and a short stroll from the Spartan’s stadium.Already, in the first couple of weeks since installation, the self-pour taps have proved a massive hit with an incredible amount of usage among regular customers. The tables are all booked up for the Superbowl!

To find out more about Drink Command self-serve beer taps in Michigan (or anywhere else in the world!) please contact us to discuss your requirements or create an estimate if you know what you want.

Harper’s is a must-visit location if you are from Lansing or just passing through. Call in and be one of the first to pour your own pint in Michigan!! Find Harpers at



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