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BLOG December 12, 2015

Artigiano in Cardiff gets a 6-Tap Beer Wall


Drinkers paradise! Ever wanted to simply walk up to the bar and pour yourself the perfect pint: no queuing, no hassle and go back whenever you want – well now you can as Artigiano’s, the trendy continental style Espresso & Wine Bar at 16 Working Street in Cardiff, is the first “watering hole” in the City to have installed a self-serve beer wall from Drink Command and just in time to meet the festive rush.

A completely unique offering, a selection of BrewDog beers are now available to self-pour at Artigiano’s, which is an innovation that both Artigiano and BrewDog are excited about. The interactive beer wall is quick and easy to use and provides an instant queue jumping opportunity.

Customers simply pre-load a custom RFID payment card that’s initially obtained from the bar upon arrival; then just walk up to any of the six self-pour taps on the beer wall and pour their very own pint from the tasty selection of craft beers available whenever they or their friends’ glasses are empty. Pouring your own beer at your own pace ensures it’s served fresh and cold – perfect after a busy day in the city or for an evening out. Put simply, the uniquely interactive beer wall is certain to become your favourite kind of DIY this December!

“We’ve all stood for what appears an eternity at a bar waiting to be served,” explained Kevin Power sales director for Drink Command. “So we’ve brought innovation to the sector and developed a hardware solution and software platform that will bring about a major industry change. Now with our six tap beer wall installed, Artigiano customers can pour their own beers at their own pace without queues, and the beer is always fresh and cold – delivering this premier range of artesian beers at its absolute best.”

Artigiano is a UK chain of continental style espresso and wine bars that sells beautifully crafted artisan coffee and food during the day, plus fine wines, craft beers and cocktails during the evenings. Passionate about craft beers, Artigiano wanted to create an experience for their customers where the focus was on the quality of the beer, customer experience and ease of use. For more information go to the Artigiano Website.

Drink Command is the Global Leader in the self-pour beer sector and has hundreds of installations across all five Continents and a proven track record of delivering consistently profitable self-pour beer systems. In addition to individual bars and restaurants, other locations where the self-pour taps technology is particularly beneficial is anywhere that high volumes of beer needs to be served within a short time window or where a sustained high number of customers are present. This makes them ideal for sports stadia bars, theatres, concert halls or large corporate event and they can also be installed in outdoor locations so festivals and music events are also ideal venues to use this technology.

“Making it easier for customers to obtain a quality pint is paramount, but when the time window in which to be served is limited this technology means more beer can be served in the same timeframe. What’s more it also means staff can concentrate on other aspects of delivering a memorable environment and customer service – both helping improve business income. The Drink Command solution ticks all the boxes from both customer and management perspectives, it is also ‘Weights & Measures’ approved and incorporates various mechanisms that promotes responsible drinking,” concluded Kevin Power.



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