How To Reduce Your Beer Waste To Zero With Self-Serve Beer


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Achieving the ‘Holy Grail’ of beer dispense – zero waste

Wastage is the one universal constant of beer dispense. Every bar, every restaurant, every stadium and venue worldwide that dispenses beer will experience some percentage of waste caused by one or more (or all!) of the following factors:

7 ways beer is being wasted in your business:

  • Overpouring

    Even the most experienced of bartender can mistakenly overpour from time to time, and for the less experienced staff overpouring is pretty much a certainty

  • Incorrect Orders

    Customers can sometimes order the wrong beer, bartenders can sometimes dispense the wrong beer. It’s human error, it happens.

  • Line Cleaning

    Cleaning beer lines regularly is a legal requirement in almost every jurisdiction. Short-draw beer systems can reduce your cleaning waste by over 80%

  • Tasting Samples

    Particularly in bars with lots of craft beers, it’s not uncommon for bartenders to ‘give away’ up to 15% of the total beer dispensed every evening to customers for samples

  • Staff comps (aka theft)

    Your bartenders are giving away free beers to earn themselves more tips. That sounds great for your business, right? Is the goodwill gained from your bartender’s generosity increasing your till takings?

  • Foamy Beer

    Foam can be caused by gas in the keg, temperature of the keg and cooler, poor beer line cooling and many other factors. With self-serve beer, it’s extremely important to present your customers with cold, perfect beer with no foam.

  • End of Kegs

    When you replace a keg, normally you’ll need to draw off a number of foamy beers – unless you are using our electronic FOB (Froth On Beer) detectors, see below for details

How can Drink Command systems help to eliminate waste?

Impossible to overpour

This is a revelation to bar owners and concession operators when they first realise that with self-pour systems every drop poured is paid for by the consumer – there can simply be no waste as a result of staff overpouring.

Eliminates staff mistakes

Because the customer is ordering and pouring their own beers, there is zero chance of staff mis-hearing customers, or mistakenly pouring the wrong beer, or needing to pour it again because it is in the wrong glass. Your customers are in control of the transaction and human error is eliminated completely.

Short Draw Beer Systems

Our self-contained mobile counters and beer tables have the kegs chilled inside the unit, immediately below the beer taps. Beer line length is reduced to a couple of feet, which means when you clean the beer lines you are losing the absolute minimum amount of beer possible

Customers pay for samples

One of the big attractions with self-serve beer taps from Drink Command is the ability to offer a huge range of samples to customers – and have your customers pay for those samples! Because the system charges for every drop poured, and only what is actually poured, customers can ‘try before they buy’ without it costing you money in free samples

Monitor staff pours

Every beer poured by your customers or your staff is logged on our system against the customer or staff member who poured it. If you have a problem with your staff comping beers, our self-serve solution will eradicate the problem for you.

Reduce draw-offs

With our electronic FOB (froth on beer) detectors, you’ll completely eliminate the need for you (or customers) to draw off a couple of foamy beers when a keg is replaced. If you’ve invested in a quality cooling and recirc system (which we can advise on) you’ll treat your customers to perfect beers every time.

Common sense and clever dispense technology combined can result in you achieving the ‘holy grail’ – reducing your beer wastage to practically zero. We have helped hundreds of business in their quest towards zero beer wastage, don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat about how our self-serve beer systems can help to improve your bottom line. You can also check out our return on investment calculator to see for yourself how much you could be saving every month with self-pour taps from Drink Command.

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