Self-Serve Beer and Wine Systems for Hotels and Casinos

Drink Command’s self-serve beer and wine solutions are tailor made for hospitality sectors where choice, convenience and quality are key requirements.

4 ways to wow your guests with self-pour from Drink Command:

  • Flexibility to dispense draft beer where you need it

    Utilise our Mobile Beer Counters to provide draft beer for events throughout your venue, particularly events where there are large amounts of guests trying to access beer in a short space of time

  • Reduce the need for staffed bars in common areas

    Install a Beer Wall in your reception area or bar to allow guests to pour a beer at their convenience without requiring the bar to be manned

  • Keep your guests engaged for longer

    With our Self-serve Table Taps you can keep your guests engaged and entertained for longer. Dispense beer, wine or liquor right at your guest’s table

  • Add draft beer in areas where you never could before

    Now any area of your hotel or casino can be a bar with our Self-serve Beer Tables which are fully self-contained with keg storage and beer cooling

Hilton Hotels testimonial video:

The self serve concept: Drink Command’s self-pour beer systems allow guests to pour their own beers in a responsible manner, at their own pace and in a fun and memorable way. The benefits for guests are convenience, speed, choice and a fun experience. For you as an operator, the benefits are reduced costs (every drop of beer is paid for by guests), reduced staff costs, increased yield per keg, and happier guests that spend more money in your establishment

Responsible drinking features: Every Drink Command system comes with the industry’s most comprehensive suite of responsible drinking features. Our products are compliant with state liquor board regulations in 46 states, as well as certified for self-pour by government bodies in the UK and Australia. Responsible drinking features include volume session limits (eg 32oz per patron to comply with certain state guidelines), glass volume limits, cash limits, time limits (minimum time and maximum time) and many more. You can be confident that your guests cannot be over-served from a Drink Command self-serve beer system

Flexible guest access: You can decide how you want your guests to access the self-serve taps. If you are running an event with an open bar up to a certain cash amount, that’s no problem. If you want to give your guests a complimentary glass of beer each, but have them charge any more beer to their room, that’s no problem. If you want to set up VIP groups that avail of free or discounted beer, that’s also no problem.

Integration with room keys: We can supply our RFID cards with an integrated magstripe and full color double sided printing with your corporate branding. Take integration a step further by using our API to connect to your EPOS and back of house system for the ultimate self-serve beer experience for guests

CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS – the ultimate guest self-serve beer experience

Drink Command are proud to introduce to the hotel and casino markets our contactless and mobile payment solutions for our self-serve beer solutions. Give your guests their preferred payment choice to pay with contactless credit or debit cards, chip & pin cards or mobile payment options including Apple Pay and Android Pay. With Contactless payment options and Drink Command self-serve beer systems, the revolution of draft dispense for hotel and casino operators has arrived.


Contactless and mobile payments FAQs

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