In partnership with KLC Financial, we have created a fast, flexible and competitive financing program customized for you.

A Financial Partner For Your Business

Financing options to fit all credit profiles, with the expertise and structure that will help you grow your business. Our goal is to get you the financing you need without making you jump through a lot of unnecessary hoops.

Up to $5,000,000

Application Only

Up to $300,000

Up to 84 Months on

New Equipment

Includes Equipment


Soft Costs Can

Be Included

No Additional

Collateral Needed

How Our Program Works


Complete a credit

application online


Get financing options

that fit your business


Virtually sign

closing documents


Invoice is paid in full

within 24 hours

We Get It Done. Done Fast.

KLC has built an extremely unique and competitive financing program that will allow you
to take advantage of great rates and flexible terms that are built around your business
needs. We finance options that traditional banks and other lending sources cannot offer.


Applying for a KLC Loan takes just a
few minutes. No need to dig up years
of bank statements to get started.


We offer up to 100% financing and can
include equipment accessories and
soft costs into your loan package.


We don’t put you into a box. We
evaluate where is your business is at
now and what works for you.

  • Interest Rate

  • Down Payment

  • Credit Impact

  • Turnaround Time

  • Soft Cost Coverage


  • No interest owed, but paying
    upfront effectively costs
    more due to inflation.
  • No down payment required.
    total purchase is price paid
    at upfront / at purchase.
  • Paying cash does not
    contribute to building your
    credit history.
  • Complete ownership
    immediately, assuming all risk
    & associated costs.
  • None; delivery, installation,
    and other expenses further
    reduce cash on hand.


  • Fixed for the entire term;
    offset by not having to pay
    upfront with today’s dollar.
  • No down payment required.
    100% financing is available
    with KLC Financial.
  • Builds positive credit history
    by reporting to commercial
    credit agencies.
  • Very Fast - Receive financing
    approval in as little as
    1 business day.
  • All soft costs can be
    financed, including
    software, and services.

Fast, Flexible
Funding to Power
Your Pours

In a partnership with KLC Financial,

we have built a fast, flexible and

competitive financing program

customized for you.