Customer User Experience

  • Accurately Measured & No Foam

    Customers experience perfectly chilled beer that is cold and accurately measured.

  • Promotional Videos

    Upload and schedule custom video screensavers for customer facing screens

  • Pricing Control

    Set ‘happy hour’ pricing structures for a product per hour, per day or per person

  • Show Customer Name

    Optionally welcome your customer name on screen during session

  • Screen Orientations

    Screens can be aligned in portrait or landscape, or a mix of both

  • Advertising

    Interstitial adverts can be placed within customer facing screenflow

  • Rich Graphics

    Rich graphical customer experience with simple, efficient and fully customisable graphical layouts.

  • Choice of taps per screen

    1 or 2 taps per screen for ease of use


  • Prepaid / Tab / Credit Card Modes

    Open sessions using pre-paid or tab modes

  • Date of Birth

    Optionally Record and require customer date of birth

  • Customisable Layouts

    Customise the layout and text of your receipts

  • Wireless Options

    Connect to your mobile counters and tables with our secure and private wireless networking option

  • Session Control

    Permanent or temporary sessions – you decide if the customer can keep their credit for a return visit

  • Real Time Control

    Gives staff precise and real time information about what customers are consuming

  • Set Unit Types

    Choose to sell to customers by monetary amount, volume amount, or fixed prices per glass

  • Customisable Buttons

    Customisable quick add cash buttons

  • Detailed Receipts

    Print customer receipts to thermal receipt printer with detailed consumption breakdown

  • Set Schedule

    Set automatic on/off schedule to coincide with your opening hours


  • Group Mode

    Define number of patrons per session (group mode responsible drinking)

  • Alert System

    Customisable ‘Traffic Light’ responsible drinking alert system for staff

  • Volume Limits

    Set consumption limits per customer session, eg 32oz – after which the customer needs to be authorised by a staff member to continue drinking

  • Time Limits

    Optionally set time limits for responsible drinking – maximum time per session, or minimum time between drinks

  • Brand Limits

    Optionally set individual beer brand limits, eg for different % ABV per beer responsible drinking


  • EPOS Integration

    Full API available for integration into EPOS and other third party applications

  • Cashless Transactions

    Accept contactless payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay

  • Phone App Integrations

    Integrate with Smartphone apps and control the taps from your phone

  • Cloud Based Analytics

    Access to your pouring analytics and visual graphs via our cloud management portal

  • Card Integrations

    Integrate your RFID with your existing loyalty card schemes, hotel room keycard, and more


  • Reliable uptime

    Industrial system controller with no moving parts to ensure excllent uptime

  • Timezone controls

    Local time zone configurations

  • Access Level Control

    Access level control – set RFID cards as ‘manager’ cards with access to config parameters

  • Combine Mobile and Fixed

    Uniquely combine fixed systems (beer walls and tables) with wireless systems (beer walls and tables) in the same installation

  • No Tap Limit

    No upper limit on the amount of taps or screens per single system

  • Custom Language Packs

    Customisable language packs for any country

  • Brand Database

    Access to our comprehensive online beer logo database, for displaying your beer logos on any screen size

  • Use Any Currency

    Display prices and run reports in your local currency – almost all currencies supported

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Web based proactive support monitoring – often we can identify and resolve an issue before your staff are even aware of the issue

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters

    Ultrasonic flow meters provide incredible accuracy with no moving parts to fail