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Frequently asked questions for everything Self-Pour.

  • Self-Serve Beer sounds great, but what should I know first?

    The most important thing is we’ve done all the heavy lifting to ensure the Drink Command self-serve system can work for you both practically and legally. Years of development work, installations, customer feedback and legal approvals around the world mean you can feel safe in our hands.

    There are so many benefits to a Drink command self-serve system. Our experience all over the world is that our self-pour systems really help drive sales and increase profits. Having our self-pour system in place creates an important point of difference, raising your profile and making for a better drinking experience over other local establishments.

    Check out our list of benefits and features

  • How does a customer use the system?

    A customer purchases credit at the venue onto a prepaid RFID card or via contactless / mobile payment terminals at the taps. They can then use any of your venue’s self pour taps to choose a beer, while our software keeps track of exactly how much they have poured and how much credit is remaining. Every drop poured is accounted for and every cent of credit reconciled, giving you as the venue operator a clear and accurate picture of what is being dispensed. You are in control at all times, all pouring is managed automatically as you specify or as per your local legal requirements. It’s all so simple yet so powerful.

    We can take the transaction time away so your customers can actually get a beer when they like without lines, queues or hassle. Many venues previously installed fast pour systems only to discover that it still took as long for the transactions to process so there was no real gain. Self-serve from Drink Command is the future today.

  • What type of systems do you sell - mobile or fixed?

    We sell both ‘built-in’ and mobile products – both available in beer wall or table configurations.

    Mobile counters – ideal for busy venues, stadiums, festivals, conference centres, outdoor areas

    Beer tables – great for sports bars, reception areas, beer gardens, airports, restaurants

    Fixed beer walls – perfect for high volume stadiums, craft beer bars, taprooms, hotel bars
    Fixed tables / booths – add a point of difference to sports bars, party areas, bistro bars, taprooms etc

  • What currencies and payment methods do you accept?

    We can accept payments in Dollars, Sterling Pounds or Euro and we will issue your invoice in your currency.

    Payments are accepted by bank transfer (we have accounts in multiple countries for convenience) or card payments.

    We accept Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Mastercard Credit, Mastercard Debit, AMEX Credit and AMEX Debit cards.

    You can also pay with PayPal, please note there is a small transaction fee for PayPal payments.

  • How quickly can you deliver?

    Usually our mobile units are in stock and can be shipped soon after we receive payment. For fixed installations the lead time is 4 to 6 weeks on average.

  • How long does it take to install on site?

    If you’ve purchase a mobile counter, just plug it in and start pouring immediately!

    With built-in systems (beer walls and table taps) our skilled and experienced engineers will install and setup the equipment in an efficient way. A typical 20 tap beer wall can take 2 working days to install, for example – depending on the design and site circumstances.

    To help achieve an efficient installation, we will assign a dedicated project manager to you who will work through site preparation checklists in order to make sure everything is in place on site ready for our engineers to install.

  • Are self-serve beer taps legal?

    In a word, Yes. Most countries have no additional legal requirements for a Drink Command self-pour system. We are specifically approved by regulatory bodies across the globe including NMO (UK), NMI (Australia) and 46 State Liquor Boards (USA).

    We have a comprehensive set of responsible drinking features that always leaves you in control, and most importantly meets or exceeds any legal requirements.

    Drink Command is the only self-serve beer company in the world with all these approvals.

  • My country / state requires dispense limits for self-serve. Is that an issue?

    No issue at all. The Drink Command system is designed to help staff enforce the responsible drinking regulations that are in place in many US states and in other countries. Whenever an individual or group has consumed the allowed number of drinks per person, pouring is blocked until a staff member approves further drinking. We can also do this with a time limit or several other options.

    If you are unsure about your local regulations regarding self-serve beer taps, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need.

  • Can you supply the system in my language / currency?

    No problem, your system can be in your local language. We can supply customisable language packs for any country. Currency is also no problem, we will configure your system to operate in whatever currency you require.

  • Your competitors charges for RFID cards seem extremely expensive. How much do yours cost?

    Our RFID cards can be less than one third of the price of our competitors cards (and sometimes much less than that in quantity). We buy in very large quantities to keep the cost down to you.

    Additionally, our RFID cards are supplied custom branded with high quality color printing on both sides using your business branding and logos. Our competitors will supply their own branded RFID cards, advertising their business and not yours.

    It is always our policy to not penalise our customers for success. We charge a fair price for our cards. Don’t be tricked into adding thousands per year in RFID card costs.

  • Can I customise the screens with my own graphics and branding?

    Yes. All the on-screen graphics can be customised to suit your requirements, including beer logos, background images, all text on screen (wording, fonts, colors) and more.

  • How Do I get access to my pouring data?

    On your controller screen you can run reports of historical pouring data, including the current session totals report.

    With Gold Support, data is backed up from each self-pour system to our secure cloud server. It’s then accessible online for you at all times, from anywhere, so you can carefully analyse your numbers and prepare whatever reports you require.

  • What is a "Controller" and why do I need one?

    The Controller is a 15″ touch screen which normally sits on the counter behind the bar, and allows the staff to operate the beer wall system. The Controller also acts as the local database and ‘heart’ of the system.

    From the Controller, staff can open new customer sessions, close out sessions, adjust parameters such as pricing and beer brands on the beer wall, as well as running end of day reports and printing receipts.

  • What are your support options?

    The Drink Command system has been built from the ground up to ensure the least possible potential for issues. With Gold Support we offer 24/7 telephone support, among other features.

    The Gold Support package is available to ensure that your system is working at all times. With Gold Support you can be confident that we will resolve any issues in the fastest possible time, and often before your staff notice there is a problem at all. The additional Gold Support features including online reporting and EPOS integration provide convenience of operation for your business. We have a vested interest in the success of your system and making sure it’s working 100% of the time. You get an incentivised support partner and all of the other advantages listed above. For these reasons, amongst others, most customers choose the paid Gold option.

    We never charge a ‘per pour’ support fee.

    If you don’t choose to subscribe to Gold Support, all Drink Command systems come with a perpetual software license and free lifetime support by email.

  • What does your support cost? Some of your competitors seem expensive!

    Yes some of our competitors can really penalise you on support. Being charged per ounce poured can really add up fast and be a serious burden on your bottom line. Don’t be fooled.

    Our Free Support is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s free. Yes you heard it… free, nada, zilch, nothing if you choose it.

    Our Gold Support is set at a fair fee based on your installation size. Our experience is nearly all our customers are happy to pay the fair price for our Gold Support.

    We will never charge a ‘per pour’ support fee (for example often a cent per ounce) as we feel this hurts a customer for success. No matter how successful you are with a Drink Command self-pour system you are entitled to free support or our fair Gold Support package.

  • I have a feature request which is vital for our business, can you add it?

    You are always welcome to submit feature requests to us and our friendly development team will have a chat with you about the specifics of the request. Because we have built and programmed our own self-pour software entirely in-house, we do not depend on third party developers (unlike most of our competitors) and therefore most likely we will be able to accommodate your request and build the features you require.

  • Is my customer data secure on your network?

    Yes. We use enterprise class security and network configurations with your security in mind. All traffic across our internal network is encrypted with 1024 bit SSL security certificates. Our networking equipment and firewalls are not the kind you can purchase at Best Buy for your home network – we only use top of the line enterprise networking solutions.

    Our software, servers and databases are all running in a secure and stable Linux environment.

    With Gold Support, your customer information is securely backed up to our cloud server for additional peace of mind. In the event of a failure on site, we can easily sync your complete database of customer transactions back to your new controller.

    If you opt for credit card / mobile payment terminals, we will provide a PCI compliant solution from within our network – it is your responsibility to ensure PCI compliance outside of our private network.

  • Can you integrate with my EPOS system?

    Yes, we work with a number of POS suppliers and the list increases all the time. We have a detailed API document on POS integration which we can forward to your supplier.

    Access to our API requires a Gold Support subscription.

  • I have another application that I would like to connect to Drink Command, is it possible?

    Yes, we have a comprehensive API protocol available for Gold Support customers to integrate with any third party application that can use our API. Examples might include mobile apps, loyalty systems, stock management software etc.

  • How does credit card / contactless / mobile payments work?

    For each screen we will supply a payment terminal which has been configured to send payments to your existing merchant account. Customers can then simply select a beer on screen, tap / insert their card or touch their Apple Pay / Android Pay device, and like magic the beer tap opens for the customer to pour their own beer!

    Our terminals work with most merchant accounts, but please contact us to confirm before ordering.

  • How much do credit card / mobile payment terminals cost?

    There is an initial equipment cost for the credit card terminals and thermal receipt printers. You will need to subscribe to our Gold Support package to access the payment terminal API and gateway. Costs can vary slightly depending on where you are located, you can put together your own cost estimate here.

  • Is it legal to have customers buy their own beer at the taps?

    You will need to check with your local authorities to confirm that this method of dispense does not fall within a restricted vending activity. We can help you determine this, please contact us with details and we’ll get straight back to you.

  • Do I need a merchant account to accept credit card / mobile payments at the taps?

    Yes, you will need to supply us with your merchant account number that you will already have from your bank or payment provider. If you do not currently have credit card facilities in your business, you will need to apply for a merchant account before purchasing your contactless equipment from Drink Command.

    Once you supply us with your merchant account and complete the required paperwork, we will order your payment terminals which will come preconfigured to work with your merchant account number and payment provider.

  • Are credit card payments processed by Drink Command?

    No. We don’t touch the payments at all, the funds go directly through your payment provider and into your account. Drink Command’s software initiates the transaction amount (in the same way as an EPOS) and your credit terminal securely handles the transaction directly with your payment provider in the normal way.

  • Are there ongoing charges for offering contactless payments to my customers?

    You will need a subscription to our Gold Support package to access the integration features for contactless payments. However, when you subscribe to Gold Support there are no additional charges for your credit card terminals or any other ongoing fees. With Drink Command supplied terminals, you do not need to pay monthly fees to the terminal supplier.

    Your merchant bank or payment provider may charge you for the use of their services, which is outside of the scope of Drink Command’s Gold Support contract.

  • Is there a minimum contract for credit card services?

    Yes – as is standard with most credit terminals, there is a 36 month contract required. You will need to subscribe to our Gold Support package for 36 months. There are no additional fees for the credit terminals other than transaction fees from your merchant bank.

  • What if I change merchant bank?

    No problem! Just send us your new merchant number and we can reprogram your terminals. Note that it can take up to 2 weeks for this process to complete through your new merchant bank.

  • Which payment terminals do you supply?

    Drink Command software is configured to work seamlessly with Verifone vx820 terminals. This is the terminal we supply and support. Other options may be available, please contact us for the latest information.

  • Are your screens just iPads / Tablets?

    Absolutely not! A busy venue is no place for consumer iPads or cheap tablets. Our screens are industrial grade IP65 rated touch screens – a hose can be sprayed directly at the screens without damage. Our 8″ and 10″ screens are roughly the same dimensions as an iPad and use the same ultra-responsive capacitive touch surfaces, but our screens are built for dirty, wet environments with beer sloshing around.

  • What other hardware comes with each screen?

    With each self-pour screen, we supply a separate customer RFID reader (or contactless payment terminal) and a main electronics box which houses the circuitry, power supplies etc. We also supply a flow meter and valve for each beer line in your beer wall.

    The RFID reader needs to be mounted in a customer facing position, usually just below your screen in your beer wall / table tap setup. We supply acrylic covers to sit in front of the RFID reader to protect the electronics and provide a flush, classy finish.

    The electronics box is connected to the screen, RFID reader, valve and flowmeter with cables and can be located anywhere that is suitable in the proximity of the beer wall, eg behind the beer wall, above or below the wall, or even in the adjoining room, so long as cables can be ran to connect the electronics box with your beer wall equipment!

    Electronic Box dimensions:
    Inches: 12.44 x 9.29 x 5.04
    Centimetres: 31.6 x 23.6 x 12.8

  • What other equipment do I need, that is not supplied by Drink Command?

    If you are planning on running beer lines from your beer wall to your cold room, you will need to commission an external contractor to run the lines and to provide the required dispense equipment, eg glycol cooler, gas regulator.
    We have a very experienced team when it comes to beer dispense, don’t be shy about asking us for advice when you are planning your beer wall – it is absolutely critical that your customer does not pour foamy beer, so let’s work together to make sure the beer is always perfect!

    If you are planning a beer wall, you must build the physical wall! We will supply you with all the dimensions and cutouts you need, but you are responsible for the wall construction, mountings for screens, beer pipe routing, drip trays and drainage, electrics, finished surfaces etc.

  • What are the electrical requirements?

    You’ll need to supply several standard 110v or 220v mains sockets at the beer wall / table taps location, ideally two sockets per screen. There is very little electrical draw from the beer wall, the total draw of a 20 tap beer wall is less than the draw from just one fridge.
    You’ll also need to have a spare mains socket available at the location for your controller screen, typically on a counter behind the bar.

    Note that if you are using our electronic FOBs, you will need to have your electrician run signal cable from each FOB in your cold room to the beer wall location – one cable per FOB.

    Please note also that while we supply robust commercial grade electronic equipment, the equipment can be sensitive to power fluctuations, power cuts, power surges etc – in other words please give your equipment a nice clean power supply!

  • Do I need to provide a network / internet connection?

    Your beer taps and controller will run on their own private network, using routers and switches provided by Drink Command. However, you will need to run the network cables to your beer wall, table taps and controller. Your project manager at Drink Command will provide information about what cables to run, how they need to be terminated and where they need to go.
    An internet connection is not required to operate your beer taps, it will work absolutely fine without an internet connection. If you have opted for Gold Support then you will need to provide an active internet connection which will be plugged into the Drink Command router, in order for some features of Gold Support to function. If the internet drops out, it will not in any way affect the local performance of your self-serve taps.

  • Do you supply beer cooling?

    If you are buying our Mobile Counters or Self-Serve Beer Tables, we supply the beer cooling as integrated part of the unit.

    For beer walls and table taps, you should commission beer cooling equipment through your local beer tech services company.

  • Do I need to chill the beer right to the tap?

    Yes, this is critically important. Unlike a normal bartender operated tap, your customer cannot ‘run off’ the beer before filling their glass. When a customer is paying for every drop that is dispensed, they will expect every beer to be perfect.
    It is your responsibility to make sure that the beer being dispensed through the beer wall or table taps is cold and will not foam in your customer’s glass.

    Please make sure your beer tech contractor understands the importance of chilling the beer lines right to the tap, as this is not always standard practice for regular bar taps.

  • What happens if the beer runs out while a customer is pouring?

    You definitely don’t want your customer getting sprayed with beer when a keg runs out. Way to ruin their party!

    We highly recommend installing Foam On Beer Detectors (FOBs) on each line of your beer wall. The FOBs will prevent your customer from being sprayed with the foam at the end of a keg, and will also help you reduce your costs by allowing you to dispense every drop from every keg you tap up.

    We supply custom electronic FOBs which not only prevent foamy spray and reduce waste, but also allow our system to detect when your keg is empty, alerting staff at the controller to the empty keg.

    Head over to our Estimator to see our pricing on beer walls and FOBs.

  • Do I need to pre-chill the kegs?

    Our Mobile Counters are designed to give the best quality beer dispense with every single beer poured. To help achieve this, we strongly recommend that you supply pre-chilled kegs into the mobile counter.
    Inside the counter, there is a chilled keg chamber, a powerful ice bank beer chiller, and a recirc chilled line to the taps – we are giving the beer the very best chance to be perfectly chilled with every pour, and by loading pre-chilled kegs you are pretty much guaranteeing that your customers will experience perfectly chilled beer with every pour.

    If you do insert an ambient temperature keg, the mobile counter will still dispense cold beer almost immediately, but you will be putting the ice block chiller under extra pressure and the first few beers may not be as cold as your customers will expect.

    For beer walls and table taps, your beer is fed from your existing cold room or cellar – you don’t need to do anything different with your keg chilling.

  • Can you system dispense beverages other than beer, ie wine or liquor?

    Yes, we can dispense any beverage that you can provide to a tap under pressure. Right now there are systems pouring most types of beer (including lager, pale ale, stout, weissbier, pilsener, IPA, bitter), wine, cocktail mixes, soft drink, liquor and premium waters.

  • I'd like to have more taps but space is an issue, can you help?

    Self-serve has many advantages and one of the best is the ability for you to add extra beer taps outside of the crowded bar area, while using your staff efficiently. Mobile Counters can be placed in outside areas and inside your venue you can add a beer wall for minimum space disruption.

    For the most efficient use of space, we recommend our 8″ screens with 2 taps configured per screen. With some planning, you can add up to 16 self-serve taps in a 10 foot section of wall.

    Drink Command will provide consultation on design and best practices for self-pour in your venue – we’ll take the guesswork out of your installation planning and work with you on an on-going basis to get the best return from your self-pour installation. Contact us for a friendly consultation.

  • What size screens do you offer, and what are the dimensions?

    We have three sizes of screens available for your beer wall. Screens can be mounted in portrait or landscape format to suit your design.

    8″ screen dimensions:
    Inches: 7.92 x 6.34 x 1.34
    Centimetres: 20.1 x 16.1 x 3.4

    10″ screen dimensions:
    Inches: 10.87 x 7.56 x 1.42
    Centimetres: 27.6 x 19.2 x 3.6

    15″ screen dimensions:
    Inches: 13.58 x 11.07 x 1.69
    Centimetres: 34.5 x 28.1 x 4.3

    Contact us for cutout drawings for our screens.

  • Which screen size is right for my venue?

    We offer three size screens for beer walls – 8″, 10″ and 15″ – and each option can be mounted in portrait or landscape format depending on your design criteria. We recommend 15″ screens as having the most impact in your venue, and for drawing attention to the beer wall, as well as giving the customer the best interface experience. 10″ screens are great for beer walls that are built for high volume and throughput. We recommend 8″ screens where space is at more of a premium and you want to pack more selection into a smaller space.

  • Should I choose 1 tap or 2 taps per screen?

    If you are a high volume venue and you want the highest throughput at your beer wall, choose 1 tap per screen. 2 taps per screen is perceived as better value for money and can work well in less busy environments where you want to offer more choice.

  • What is the maximum number of taps I can have on a beer wall?

    You can have as many taps as you can dream about! There is no material limit on the number of taps – if you can fit them, you can have them.

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  • What are the dimensions of the Mobile Counter?

    In centimetres: W 185 x D 73 x H 105
    In inches: W 73 x D 29 x H 41
    Weight: 350kg / 770lb

    A spec sheet with dimensional drawings can be downloaded here

  • What are the Mobile Counter electrical requirements?

    We can supply the unit with either 120v / 60Hz or 240v / 50Hz configurations. The mobile counter operates entirely off a single standard mains plug (three phase is not required) and is fused with a 16A fuse. Electrical consumption is typically 3.7A when pouring with power consumption up to 540W

  • Do I need a Controller with a Mobile Counter?

    You will need at least Controller on the same network (wired or wireless) as your mobile counter. However, a single Controller can be configured to operate with multiple mobile counters, there is no set limit to the number of mobile counters that can be connected to a controller.

    You can also add multiple controllers to give your staff several control stations throughout your venue. For example, if you have two groups of counters, with four mobile counters in each group, it would make sense to have a local controller at each group to allow staff to handle customer queries, top ups, refunds etc.

    Also, if you have other types of self-pour taps from Drink Command such as fixed beer wall taps or table taps, a single controller can control all of your different type taps.

  • Does the Mobile Counter need to be connected wirelessly or can I run a cable instead?

    Each mobile counter can be connected via Ethernet network cables or high power WiFi, and both options are already built into the unit.

    If you have several mobile counters that you want to connect to an Ethernet network, you can ‘daisy chain’ them together as each mobile counter has two Ethernet ports wired in parallel.

  • Why do I need to connect the Mobile Counter to a network? What happens if my internet connection drops out?

    The wired or wireless connection for the mobile counters is only to connect it back to your Controller / Server station. This internal connection is not dependant on an outside internet connection and if your internet at the venue drops out, you will still be able to operate the mobile counters as normal.
    Having said that, there are two situations where you would require internet access:

    1) With Gold Support, you have access to an online control panel which shows you consumption reports in near real time, and also allows you to remotely adjust pricing, beer brands etc.

    2) If you are using contactless payment terminals, a stable connection to the internet is essential – customers will not be able to process transactions without being able to contact your merchant account gateway for card authorisations.

  • Are the Mobile Counters suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions?

    Our mobile counters are incredibly well built and are designed to take some punishment, but we do not recommend outdoor use in certain situations.

    The screens and the main electronics are encapsulated in IP65 enclosures, meaning they can withstand dust and water up to a hose being sprayed directly at the screens. However, we do not recommend or warranty the mobile counters for use when raining.

    In very hot direct sunlight conditions, the mobile counter’s beer pouring performance may be put under additional pressure. In both rainy and sunny conditions we recommend positioning the mobile counter under a canopy for protection.

  • Are FOBs supplied in the Mobile Counters?

    Yes, we supply each mobile unit with four of our electronic FOBs (foam-on-beer detectors) which will prevent patrons being sprayed with foamy beer at the end of a keg, and our electronics will also alert the operator that the keg is empty.

    The FOBs will also help you to achieve maximum yield from each keg, while minimising the interruption to customers during their pour when the keg kicks.

  • Do I need to pre-chill the kegs?

    The mobile counter is designed to give the best quality beer dispense with every single beer poured. To help achieve this, we strongly recommend that you supply pre-chilled kegs into the mobile counter.
    Inside the counter, there is a chilled keg chamber, a powerful ice bank beer chiller, and a recirc chilled line to the taps – we are giving the beer the very best chance to be perfectly chilled with every pour, and by loading pre-chilled kegs you are pretty much guaranteeing that your customers will experience perfectly chilled beer with every pour.

    If you do insert an ambient temperature keg, the mobile counter will still dispense cold beer almost immediately, but you will be putting the ice block chiller under extra pressure and the first few beers may not be as cold as your customers will expect.

  • What are the branding opportunities with Mobile Counters?

    Our mobile counters are finished in high grade catering stainless steel and can easily be wrapped with branding for your beer brand or event information.

    Each mobile counter is outfitted with two 15″ touch screens which can be configured to show promotional information and video content when not in use. The customer interface can also be configured to display custom logos, backgrounds, and more

  • How many taps per table can I install?

    Each of our self-serve table tap towers have 2 beer taps installed. If you need more taps to cover a bigger table, we can facilitate multiple towers per table.

  • Where does beer spillage go?
    You’ll need to allow for a drip tray to be mounted on your table, or routed into your table. We can supply drip trays, or you can specify your preferred model.
    Depending on your installation design, you may be able to run a drainage pipe from the drip tray to either a waste pipe or a waste container.
  • Are the towers fixed in position or can they be rotating?

    We can supply our towers with a rotating spin mechanism which gives 320 degree rotation, allowing all patrons at the table to experience the self-serve taps.
    Alternatively, the towers can be fixed to the table, like a normal beer tower.

  • Can customers buy beers at the table taps?

    Yes – if is legal in your jurisdiction to do so. We can install credit card terminals at the table which can also accept contactless and mobile (Apple Pay and Android Pay) payments directly at the table.

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    Get in touch!

    Our team happy to answer your questions. Fill out the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.