Electronic FOB Detectors

FOB (foam-on-beer) detectors will increase your profits by reducing your beer waste. FOBs also eliminate foam at the end of a keg being blown through the line and onto your customer! The FOB also keeps your beer lines full of beer at all times, dramatically reducing waste when swapping over to a new keg. No longer do you have to pull through several pints of beer to clear the foam and gas from the lines.

For your customer using a self-serve tap, this is particularly important. When a keg is empty, the beer flow will immediately stop, rather than the foam spitting and splurging from the tap. A message is displayed on the screen to inform the customer that the keg is empty and an alert is shown on the controller screen for staff to action.

When the keg is changed and the customer continues to pour their beer, the system picks up from exactly where the customer left off. There is no additional beer wasted, the customer does not pay for more beer than they have poured and the quality of the beer is still perfect.

What exactly does a FOB do?

When a keg runs out of beer, all that’s left inside is frothy, foamy stuff. A float inside the FOB remains up at the top when beer is flowing normally, and drops to the bottom, plugging the beer outlet the moment the keg is empty. A bit like a plug in a sink, it creates a seal which prevents foam and gas from entering the beer line to the taps.

When you hook up a new keg, open the bleed valve and let the foam drain out to a waste bucket or drainage pipe. When the FOB is full up with beer again, you are ready to go! Close the bleed valve and your customers can pick up where they left off, with no wasted beer and no foamy mess.

Do I have to have a FOB on every self-serve beer line?

You don’t have to have them, but we strongly recommend them for the best user experience. The first time your customer gets sprayed with foam from the end of the keg, you’ll be sorry that you didn’t include FOBs! There are other FOB models on the market of course, which you are free to install yourself. Our electronic FOBs provide feedback to your Drink Command system – if you are buying FOBs anyway we highly recommend that install our electronic models.

What does the electronic part of the Drink Command FOB do?

By sensing when the float in the FOB has dropped, your Drink Command system can inform your staff immediately via the controller screen that this beer line needs attention. Otherwise, you will only find out that the keg is empty when your customers come to you to complain.

We also display a message on your customer facing screens when the FOB is down, to inform your customers as to why the beer has suddenly stopped pouring. It’s good customer service for you, and allows your staff to keep the beer flowing more efficiently.

Where do I position my FOBs and how do they connect to the screens?

Your FOBs should be mounted on the wall in your cold room or cellar, as close to the keg as possible.

Our electronic FOBs need to be wired back to the control boxes for each tap, which are generally going to be close to the tap locations in your venue. Each FOB requires an individual 2 core low voltage cable (similar to an alarm cable) to be connected from the FOB to the corresponding control box for that beer line. When you purchase a Drink Command system, you will be assigned a project manager from our team who will discuss these specifications with you in detail, and will help to ensure the correct cable is laid in the correct way.

How Do I buy Drink Command FOB detectors?

Our FOB pricing is part of our estimate tool – head on over there to configure a system with FOB detectors. If you want to purchase additional FOBs for your existing system, that’s no problem – contact us and our sales team will provide you with all the information you need to make a purchase.

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