Self-pour beer for caterers and concessionaires

With a self-serve draft system from Drink Command, discover how you can serve more customers faster with less staff overheads and dramatically reduced beer waste figures.

The most profitable way to dispense draft beer

Our range of self-serve solutions are proven to help event caterers and concessionaires to maximise their profits from every keg of beer dispensed. How do we do that?

Our system can dramatically reduce your staff costs and training costs, as well as increase the throughput at busy events. By using our cashless payment terminals, you can enjoy further reductions in transaction times as well as reduced cash handling fees.

6 ways that self-serve beer can reduce your staff costs

  • More taps per staff member

    With self-serve from Drink Command, a single staff member can supervise many more taps than ‘traditional’ bartender serving. A staff member can control 8 or 16 taps (or more!) with ease

  • Less training

    You don’t need to train staff how to pour beers – the customer pours the beer! You will spend less time at every event training new staff

  • Reduced cash handling costs

    With self-pour and contactless payments, you do not need to recruit additional staff to count cash and manage floats etc

  • Faster setups and strip downs

    With our fully integrated self-serve beer counters, you can cut back on the amount of temporary bars, counters, refrigerated temporary rooms, and cash registers – resulting in less staff costs and quicker setups

  • Reduced transport costs

    Our mobile counters are supplied on heavy duty castors and are designed to be easily maneuvered by two people. That’s a complete self-serve bar, with all cooling, keg storage, gas storage, self-serve electronics and contactless payment terminals – all tranported with ease by two staff only

  • Less wiring and electrical requirements

    Each mobile counter operates off a standard 120v or 240v electrical socket. The counters can communicate with the Controller over a high powered secure wireless connection, eliminating the need to run communication cables at the event

Contactless and mobile payments

Drink Command are proud to introduce to the market contactless and mobile payment solutions for our self-serve mobile beer counters. Give your patron their preferred payment choice to pay with contactless credit or debit cards, chip & pin cards or mobile payment options including Apple Pay and Android Pay. With Contactless payment options and Drink Command self-serve mobile tables, the revolution of draft dispense for event operators has arrived.


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