BLOG January 24, 2023

Drink Command Gives Aston Villa’s Fans A Beery Cheer

We’ve all known someone that’s had a little work done to stay youthful looking, but when was the last time you’ve heard that from a 125 year-old?  Well, that’s just the case with Drink Command’s latest installation at Villa Park in Birmingham, England!  Home of the Premier League Aston Villa FC since 1897, these athletic grounds got their most recent addition- a self-serve tap wall in January 2023.

person pouring a beer at a tap wall

Sporting five stations, guests can easily walk up, select their beverage via touchscreen, and pay directly through the attached payment terminal.

And the best part?  No waiting for a worker- guests simply pull the tap and dispense their beverage!  With an average interaction time of less than a minute, waits are minimized and guests don’t mind coming back for seconds, knowing that they’re not going to miss much action on the field when they’ve got a Drink Command system ready to serve.  And behind the scenes, our software package lets operators keep track of sales and volume levels to ensure that revenue isn’t lost due to out-of-stock beverages.

Villa Park Field and Crowd

Villa Park joins several other large venues, such as Twickenham Stadium (you can read about that here) as part of Drink Command’s agreement with the Compass Group, one of the UK and Ireland’s biggest hospitality support providers.  With a capacity of over 42,000 guests and high demand, only Drink Command’s robust technology platform can promise the kind of stability huge venues like Villa Park demand when handling massive crowds.

Curious about how Drink Command can spearhead your hospitality’s business plans in 2023?  Contact us today for a demonstration!


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