BLOG September 10, 2019

Summer Report

While most people have hit the beaches for the summer, we’ve been busy spreading the Self Pour doctrine.

While our Engineers were putting the final touches to our recently released systems features, we have been working with our Partners in the regions to bring self pour installations to all corners of the globe.

Here’s what we’ve been up to.

New Installations

We’ve completed self pour installations in 5 different countries in
o Europe
o Middle East
o SE Asia

These included a combination of:

• 2 & 4 Tap Mobile Self Pour units
• Table Mounted (Fixed) systems – with bespoke layout that are really special
• Then a number of beerwalls – combinations of 8 Tap, 10 Tap, 16 Tap, 24 Tap.

In the coming weeks we’re introducing:

• New Product Configurations
• New release software hardware
• New Payment Functions
• New and more cost effective System Control/management functions
• New and improved Open API for Integration

What’s even better is that there are several more installs to happen in the coming weeks – again spread across several territories – that will feature all of the above. These installations which will feature a totally new level of functionality will take us to the next level – and into new sector’s of the market – greatly broadening our “range”.


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