BLOG June 11, 2018


We have recently partnered with JSM Bars in UK to help them develop their Einstein Bier Haus in the centre of Liverpool. What a venue!!

Einstein Bier Haus is already being rumoured as the best venue in Liverpool to watch the World Cup, with a 1,200-capacity set across several floors in the former Walkabout on Fleet Street, Concert Square.

It features over 20 German beers and 30 huge screens, perfect to watch the World Cup action. But not only that, they’ve gone one step further than other bars and brought an even more appealing novelty factor to their bar and this is where we come in!!!

We’ve installed 20 Self Pour Taps within individual booths for all those nail biting, can’t move off your seat to order a pint moments of the World Cup. Customers will be sorted with bar taps located in their booths, offering them beers right where they need it – without venturing into the madness of the main bars or missing a moment of the sporting events.

This was a tricky installation – given the short time frame we had – 4 weeks from order to installation/opening and it required some juggling and “mixing it” with the other trades on site. However, everyone worked together to make it a great success and the results will provide a template for such installations going forward.

Congratulations to Mike, Ken and the team at Einstein Bier Haus and we look forward to a long working relationship with them.

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