BLOG November 8, 2022

Leading the Premium Self-Service Revolution

self-serve technology: around since 1983

Self-serve technology: A Crash Course

When people think of self-service beverages, the first thing people think of is the ubiquitous soda dispenser.  First introduced by 7-eleven in 1983, these soda fountains allowed users the power of choice, from the amount of ice to their preferred beverage size.  But little has changed in the following 4 decades… until now!

Today, self-pouring doesn’t just involve sodas and lemonade, but virtually any beverage you can think of. From kombucha to beers and cocktails, generations who grew up as kids pouring their own sodas naturally evolved to accept pouring their own spirits as adults.  But what makes today’s self-service dispensers different?  Let’s take a look, using our very own own Drink Command Tap Wall as an example:

mamma's brick oven pizza, Pasadena, ca

High Definition Touchscreen-  These attractive screens sport a simple, easy to use interface that provides information about the varieties of beverages available, as well as instructions and even your own branding and specific advertisements.

Contactless Reader- Touchless payment systems compatible with NFC credit cards, mobile payments, and even in-house branded RFID cards make paying effortless and simple.  Optional external readers such as optical systems for QR codes or traditional magnetic swipe terminals diversify payment methods while providing a level of convenience and flexibility for the user.

Industrial Grade Tap and Faucet-  Made with the same 304 stainless steel used by professional breweries and bars, guests get an authentic barkeep experience with tactile touches that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

What does this all mean for the guest?  A premium experience that commands premium prices for the operator while simultaneously encouraging repeat visits.  And the best part- significantly lower labor costs than a typical conventional bar.  How?  Find out next time!

-Drink Command


About us:

As the premier self-service technology platform, Drink Command leverages its extensive experience in 35 countries to bring a seamless, intuitive experience to guests of all ages.  Whether it’s nitro-infused cold brew for corporate headquarters or craft beers for an entire stadium, Drink Command’s Platform emphasizes flexibility, reliability, and stability.  Contact us and find out how Drink Command’s self-pour system can benefit your business today!


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