BLOG January 19, 2017

How Self-Serve Beer Drives Traffic To Your Business

There’s been very little in the way of advancement in beer dispense technology over the years that can give the ‘wow factor’ to your customers in the way that self-serve taps from Drink Command can. That initial look of wonder on customers faces when they first see the taps always leads to smiles after they have experienced the system and poured their first ever perfect pint. It’s a magical moment, so how should you go about capitalising on the opportunity to market your new feature, and to drive business to your venue?


If you are the first bar in your neighbourhood with Drink Command self-serve taps installed, you’ve got a ready-made press-friendly story that journalists will gobble up. Here are some of the key ingredients that will make your self-serve taps extremely newsworthy:

  • Great visuals – the sight of customers pouring their own beers makes for great photos and videos for news outlets
  • The self-serve revolution – Everything from pumping your own gas to bagging your own groceries has gone self-serve, it’s a tech story that is incredibly topical at the moment
  • Contactless payments – This is tech journalism gold, the concept of customers pouring their own beers using contactless cards or Apple Pay / Android Pay on cellular devices
  • The pouring challenge – Most of us have never poured a draft beer before, and it’s a great novelty to be able to attempt a decent pint on your first attempt
  • Choice – with self-serve beer walls, customers can sample small amounts of each beer before committing to full glasses – this is a superb angle for press stories



So your customers have come in out of curiosity for the first time, what now? It’s absolutely critical that each and every customer has a fantastic and positive experience with your self-pour taps the first time they use them. If you get that key first impression right, you’ll be converting customers to self-pour evangelists and your viral marketing will spread like wildfire.

A few hints to making sure the customer’s first experience is memorable for the right reasons:

  • If you are using prepaid RFID cards, make it super obvious where to top up and how to do it
  • Help your customers to use the taps for the first time, show them where to touch their cards and how to hold their glass
  • Encourage your customers to tilt their glass correctly and to straighten at the correct time
  • Make sure you have cold beer in the lines chilled right to the tap, any foam for a first time customer can be offputting
  • Take time to explain to every customer the benefits to them for using the self-pour taps, and explain how credit on the RFID cards is stored and how it can be used on their next visit
  • Ask your customers to spread the news, tell their friends about the cool self-pour taps in your venue



If you do things right with your initial press launch and if you look after your customers and provide them with an exceptionally positive experience, you’ll be halfway there. Your organic marketing will have kicked in, your customers will be sharing their experiences with their friends on social networks and your staff will be championing your self-pour Drink Command taps from within the premises.

Now it’s time to grow your customer base and to build strong loyalty among your customers. Some tactics that successful self-pour bars have employed in the past include:

  • Push it on Social Media – offer your connected customers an incentive to use your self-serve taps if they haven’t already
  • Discounted self-serve prices. Now that your self-serve taps have paid for themselves, you can reap the benefit of reduced costs by offering customers a slightly lower price for their beer when they pour through your self-serve taps
  • Set up a VIP club – With Drink Command you can set up groups of VIP customers and offer special promotional rates to your VIPs
  • Happy Hours – everybody loves a happy hour! Drive traffic to your self-serve taps and keep your own costs to a minimum by running your Happy Hour offers through your self-serve taps
  • Change your beer offerings on your self-serve taps regularly to keep your customers coming back for new experiences
  • Ask us for advice! We are the most experienced self-pour beer company in the world, don’t be shy about asking for some ideas for promotion!




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