BLOG January 17, 2023

Completely Self-Serve With Drink Command!

Welcome Back, everyone!

Time for another installment in our self-service educational series, this time focusing on how Drink Command can help you create an entirely guest-driven self-pour system!

For those who have been with us from the beginning, one of the advantages to the operator was minimizing certain employee positions, resulting in significant labor savings.  But what if you were able to eliminate both the cashier and drink service positions ENTIRELY?  Impossible, you say?  Read on!

Our previous chats have discussed how the Drink Command technology platform eliminates the drink service position entirely by giving the guest the power to dispense their own beverages.  We’ve also talked about how the tab system, also available via Drink Command, minimizes the need for guests to interact with staff for every request, except to open or close a tab.  But what if the guest could open and close their tab themselves?  Sounds too good to be true?  Not with our platform!

Drink Command’s system provides flexibility in payment options.  The platform can allow guests to open their own tab by tapping, swiping, or activating mobile pay with an attached terminal.  Drink Command’s system is intelligent enough to remember the method of payment and automatically remember subsequent drinks on the original tab!  What does that mean?  All a guest needs to do is re-scan their initial payment method, resume their session, and pour!

Not interested in creating tabs or fooling around with RFID cards?  Drink Command can also operate on a drink-by-drink basis- perfect for stadiums, airports and other locations where grab-and-go convenience is paramount.

If it sounds like there’s a lot of flexibility in the Drink Command platform, that’s because there is!  Next time we’ll talk about all the different situations your guests can interact with Drink Command, from weddings, to sporting events, to just a quiet evening at the bar- each with a special mode perfectly suited to their unique operational needs!  Anxious to find out how?  Contact us and find out right away- we promise it’s worth the spoiler!


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