BLOG April 13, 2018

3 Cheers for Work Beers!

Who’d have thought it, but we’ve recently completed an installation in a large Financial Institution in USA – Wings Financial

Our Self Pour Systems are now being deployed in a broader variety of locations – well beyond the “normal” hospitality sector.​

We’ve gone from bars to clubs, hotels, to festivals and concerts and even on to sports clubs and golf courses but Financial institutes weren’t something we had thought of! But hey! Look we’ve done it and it’s a great success!

Now that we’ve gone down this route we are actually finding serious interest from the commercial sector with the latest install, a clever little self-serve beer system at Wings Financial in Minnesota, USA.

The stand alone Self Pour system – configured specifically for the Client – is used to provide a set amount of beverages to their employees – who can access the beers using their employee access cards.

We provide all the control, daily reporting and tracking of volumes, etc. – so everything is still under control – important in such an institution!!

We have similar installations already operating in the UK – so we see this as growth area for our self-pour technology – especially as we have the flexibility to adapt to the different and sometimes more demanding control and integration requirements.

With a lot of companies, work life and social life are becoming more and more entwined, organisations are trying to attract the gen y’s of the world offering a good balance of fun stuff with work requirements or maybe Friday after work drinks are becoming a regular thing in the office.
If so then maybe this self-serve beer system is for your business.
Contact us today to find out how we can design a specially configured, highly controlled, self-serve beer system for your office.


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