Self-Pour Draft systems for bars, restaurants, and tap rooms

Our happy customers swear by Drink Command for their venues – discover the secret of self-pour for your location

The self-pour concept

With a self-serve draft beer system from Drink Command your patrons have the freedom to pour what they want, when they want it, while driving up your profits and efficiency.

Our comprehensive range of self-pour solutions bring a fun and memorable way for your customers to interact with your beer products. From the moment the customers enters your premises and experiences the ‘wow factor’, you’ll be reaping the multiple benefits that only a self-serve system can deliver.

Increase Profits

Your customers pay for every drop dispensed, which means you enjoy 100% yield from every keg of beer you tap up. When combined with our customer FOB (foam-on-beer) detectors, self-pour from Drink Command is the most profitable way to dispense beer.

If you serve craft beer, you’ll know that your patrons like to sample a few ounces before buying. With self-serve taps, your customer can sample all the beer they like and they are paying for every oz they consume.

Sell More Beer

If you’ve got 100 customers in your bar, you have 100 bartenders! Drink Command’s self-serve taps drive throughput at levels that are impossible with traditional bartender service. It’s not uncommon for 40 customers to be pouring their own beers simultaneously in a taproom with self-serve taps.

At peak times, that means more customers served and more beer dispensed. It also means more satisfied customers, and less walk-outs because of long lines at your bar.

Reduce Waste

Every drop from your Drink Command self-serve taps is paid for – there cannot be any waste (other than when cleaning the lines as normal of course..) – There is no more profitable way to sell beer.

Staff error, mistaken orders, spillage due to bartending skills – all eliminated with our self-pour technology. You will also eliminate staff comps (or theft, to put it another way) with self-serve taps, as the taps can only open for beer to pour when a customer has enough credit to make a purchase.

We have four product options for your venue:

Self-Pour Beer Walls

Self-Pour Beer Tables

Self-Pour Table Taps

Self-Pour Mobile Counters

Self-Serve Pricing

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Industry Leading Features & Benefits

  • Rich Customer Experience

    Your customers will love pouring their own perfect beers, using interactive touchscreens with your branding and graphics.

  • Accurate Pouring and No Foam

    Our systems are certified by the UK government to be accurate to within 0.05 oz for every 16 oz beer you pour

  • 1 or 2 taps per screen

    For busier venues, choose 1 tap per screen for maximum throughput. Bars and taprooms that want to offer more choice can choose 2 taps per screen for the best use of your real estate

  • RFID Cards or contactless payment terminals

    Allow your customers to either top up using your custom branded RFID cards, or pay directly at the taps with contactless credit cards / mobile payments

  • Responsible Drinking Feature set

    We give you complete control over your customers consumption to prevent over-serving and promote sensible drinking

  • Staff control of prepaid cards or tabs

    From the convenient controller screen, staff can open customer sessions easily and manage tabs for tables

  • Mix and match mobile and fixed taps

    With both wireless control and wired options, you have the flexibility to move your mobile counters and tables to suit events and seasons

  • Cloud Reporting and Control Panel

    With Gold Support you can analyse your self-serve tap performance from anywhere. You also have cloud control over pricing, beer brands and logos and more

  • EPOS Integration

    With our Gold Support API you can integrate directly with your EPOS and back end management system for enhanced control and reporting

  • Happy Hour Pricing

    Set up simple or layered Happy Hour pricing on certain beers, groups of taps, or for all your taps!

  • VIP Customers and other Groups

    You can easily set up customer groups to promote loyalty, such as VIP customers that receive an additional price discount

  • 24/7 Support

    With our Gold Support package you can avail of round-the-clock support through telephone, email or online support portal

  • Proactive Monitoring

    Gold Support customers can avail of proactive support, alerting us to potential issues often before you know there’s an issue

  • Assignable Manager access levels

    You can set up access levels for staff and managers to restrict certain options such as changing pricing or running an end of day report

What’s the price and how do i buy?

All of our pricing options are available through our estimator tool. When you have created your estimate you can make a purchase enquiry using the form on the last page of the estimator.

Or, if you’d prefer to speak with one of our experienced team for us to help build your estimate, that would be our pleasure! You can contact us at any time.

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