Barrel and Tap in Cheshire install self-serve table mounted taps


Blog post header drink command installs Barel & Tap Nantwich, Cheshire, UK

Self-Service Table Taps bring unique feature to Nantwich pub

Here’s a smashing little project from the progressive team at Joule’s Brewery. The Barrell & Tap pub is a brand new concept for the picturesque town of Nantwich in Cheshire, UK. Matt, the owner, had a vision of bringing an unprecedented selection of hundreds of world beers to the community and he engaged with Drink Command to build something unique for the venue.

The premises is both on-trade and off-trade, with a massive selection of bottled beers at the front, and an on-trade seating area with snugs and a stunning beer garden to the rear.

Self-serve taps at customer tables contribute to the relaxed atmosphere of the bar while allowing Matt and his team to focus on off-sales and premium drinks.

Check out the Barrell & Tap Facebook Page for more details.

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