14 Tap Shipping Container Fitout for BevServ Ireland


14 Tap Self Serve Shipping Container for BevServ Ireland

Ireland’s leading bar rental company take delivery of Drink Command self-serve beer taps

BevServ are the leading provider of mobile bars and cooling solutions to Ireland’s biggest music festivals, sporting events, and corporate functions. In September 2017 BevServ constructed a fully self-contained mobile 14 tap self-serve container with integrated cooling and keg storage.

The installation is a milestone in Ireland, the first of several fully equipped self-serve shipping containers to be presented to the rentals market by BevServ in response to demand from event organisers and drinks companies.

Concession holders at large scale events are always looking for innovative ways to serve more customers with beer in a shorter space of time, and in a responsible manner. Drink Command’s self-serve beer technology integrated into BevServ’s mobile container design is the solution the events market has been looking for!

BevServ’s 20ft beer container comes equipped with a large chilled keg room, capable of storing up to 80 kegs of chilled beer internally. Beer line cooling is provided by two high spec ice bank chillers, and beer lines are actively cooled to the back of the taps for a perfect beer pour ever time. The entire unit runs off a single phase 16A power supply, making it ideal for remote bars at music festivals and sporting events.

Drink Command fitted the container with 14 taps of self-serve beer taps plus Verifone contactless payment terminals at each screen. Customers can choose their beer, make the payment via an instant contactless tap of their credit / debit card, and can pour their beer – all within approx 20 seconds per transaction!

Up to 14 customers can pour themselves beer at the same time, and only 1 member of staff is required to operate and supervise the container. It is this efficiency that is creating a buzz within the events industry in Ireland and the UK.

The complete 14 tap 20ft shipping container including all cooling and self-serve electronics can be purchased directly from BevServ Ireland in a fully complete ‘plug and play’ setup.

For more information contact BevServ on +353 14010138 or Drink Command on +353 16991038

In the meantime, watch out for BevServ’s self-serve shipping containers at events throughout Ireland in 2018!!

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