Self serve beer systems for bars, hotels, taprooms, stadiums and events

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Unleash the benefits of self-serve beer. When your customers pour their own beers, you enjoy reduced waste, reduced staff costs and increased profit per keg.

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Drink Command Self Serve Beer Systems

Industry leading features and benefits

Drives Traffic to your business
Save Time and Money. No Wait for ServiceNo waste. Customer pays for everything they pour
Integrate with you POS System

Drive Traffic to your Business

Our customer’s pub tables can get reserved weeks in advance for happy hours, sporting events, parties and other events!

Save Time & Money

With our self serve beer taps the customer doesn’t have to wait for service and you can save on staff costs, or focus on upselling premium drinks and food

Increase sales

Reducing the transaction time and increasing the availability of self-serve taps results in higher throughput and more beer sold.

Integrate with EPOS

Integrate our self pour systems with your EPOS. In so doing you record all the data that the Drink Command system captures in a seamless way

Reduce transaction time

Reduces transaction time to an absolute minimum thereby eliminating queuing time and increasing sales throughputs

Absolutely No Waste

With our self pour systems there is no waste since the customer pays for every drop that is poured through a self-pour tap, creating maximum yield from your kegs.

Proven profits

Our self-pour beer systems generate up to 20% more profit for you out of every keg.

Incredible returns

For most of our self-pour systems the average return on investment is 3 months or less.

Mobile payments

Through Apple Pay and Android Pay, offer customers the facility to have a truly cashless experience – the quickest possible transaction time

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