We do everything
Welcome to Drink Command
We do everything
Self-Pour, and more.
We do everything
Welcome to Drink Command
We do everything
Self-Pour, and more.
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We have the Self Pour solution
that best suits your needs.

Browse the site and you’ll identify a range of products and services that are second to none in terms of quality features, support structures and return on investment. You can build your own quotation using our estimator tool – all pricing is included and transparent.


Everything is built on our own software platform and we use the very best of industrial grade components. We supply, install and support all systems on an on-going basis – so we are with you every step of the way.

More options than
you have ever seen.

We provide a range of products and 

services that are second to none in terms 

of quality features, support structures and 

return on investment.

Built to adapt
to any industry.

Every industry has its own unique challenges. We have

created our technology with adaptability in mind to meet

the individual needs of each business.



Benefits of Self-Pour.

How a Self-Pour system can help your business grow.

Drive More Traffic
Our system can help your new or pre-existing business generate more customers and profits with full analytical control.
Absolutely No Waste
With our self pour systems there is no waste since the customer pays for every drop that is poured through a self-pour tap, creating maximum yield from your kegs.
Save Time & Money
With our self serve beer taps the customer doesn’t have to wait faand you can save on staff costs, or focus on upselling premium drinks and food.
Proven Profits

Our self-pour beer systems generate up to 20% more profit for you out of every keg.

Reduce Transaction Time
Reduces transaction time to an absolute minimum and increasing the availability of self-serve taps increases sales.
Incredible Returns
For most of our self-pour systems the average return on investment is 3 months or less.

See who we're worked with.

“We were more than pleased with the service and advice that you provided. We also thank the whole team of Drink Command for this very nice collaboration.”

-The La Raffinerie Management Team

...Once seated, a member of the wait staff will open up a tap that you can begin to use on your own as you enjoy your dinner. No more waiting, just pour and drink—responsibly, of course.”

- LIB Magazine Review, The Arden, Long Island

“Went to taps early with hubby and kids, staff very welcoming considering we had the kids. Hubby loved the pour your own beer, I loved the cocktail selection and the kids enjoyed playing with the games available.”

- Trip Advisor, Taps Mooloolaga, Australia

Create a fast dispense unique cost efficient engaging custom Self-Pour system with Drink Command.